Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #3

Men that use Ladies’ Knight with Kuros as an outline for how to talk to women don’t just get some women… they get all the women!  Don’t be the only guy at the bar not spittin’ game like Kuros!  Read the latest Ladies’ Knight with Kuros today!

7 thoughts on “Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #3

  1. Comment Commentary
    I didn’t realize it until a friend told me, but because of the placement of the word balloon, it appears as though Peach is actually the one who is angry with Kuros. This is actually due to me adding Peach in later and not taking the word balloon into account. But no one mentioned it in the comments, so I guess no one noticed! Until now…

    The original line Kuros said to Karnov was, “…I can talk about what ever the fuck I want, moobs.” It’s definitely a better line, and to be honest I don’t know why I changed it. Also, in the game Karnov, Karnov will turn blue after he has taken damage. Karnov suddenly being blue in the second panel obviously means Kuros has damaged him with his words. Thought I’d spell that out for anyone that might not get it.

    The dick being significantly a different color from the rest of your body premise comes from a conversation me and a guy at work had one day. About how some dicks are so dark compared to the rest of the body that they look like a different ethnicity altogether.

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