Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #4

Kuros offers a bit of advice most people don’t know about.  Use those fingers of yours and start clicking the link to read the latest Ladies’ Knight with Kuros right now!

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12 thoughts on “Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #4

  1. I was never really a fan of Ax Battler. Just didn’t find it funny. Kuros on the other hand, I fucking love!

  2. Comment Commentary
    This is the first comic where Kuros’ word balloons are green instead of white. In the Ask Ax Battler comics, as the series went on, Kuros’ text became more green the more intoxicated he became. The more intoxicated he became, the more his speech slurred. That was the original idea here, hence why the mug of ale is over half empty. In the end, I decided to just make his word balloons green to make his text stand out more and not slur his speech. The green word balloons were supposed to indicate his level of intoxication.

    The color of the pano was changed to blue because I thought maybe people might think each comic was the same if the pano wasn’t at least slightly different. The blue color is actually pulled directly from the Laser Time logo (as was the pink from the first three comics and the yellow from the following two)! Also of note, the pano itself is made to look similar to a Marvel comic from the 80s. And the ESRB K-A logo… well, that’s for KREATIVEassassin!

    And if anyone was wondering, the tiny mouse by the chair in the fourth panel is from the game Little Samson.

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