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    1. But for real I can’t even imagine how exhausted you guys are and I can’t blame you at all for doing a best of this week. I’d rather have this than a tired as shit and sub-par episode and I’m sure you feel the same way. Hope you guys get all rested and have a great episode for us next week.

      1. All the respect in the world for this, man. Even exhausted as fuck you care enough about your fans to get something out there. Were it me I probably would be in a light coma. Yet another reason why I love Laser Time.

  1. I probably won’t go back and relisten to earlier shows, but I don’t mind a clip show so much. It’s better than an entire rerun show. Alf did a clip show halfway through the first season, at least Laser Time made it almost a year.

    1. I remember the Fresh Prince did one about 8 episodes in. The one where they went to the mall to get stuff for the Halloween party.

  2. Does this clip show have any of the Mass Effect 3 episodes’ “people who hated the ending are entitled bitches” bitching? I don’t even like the ME games (couldn’t get into them, found the first too slow and and RPG-like and the sequel too FPS-y paradoxically) but that episode was a waste of over-entitled space (Oh the irony). I get it, you guys are reviewers in your day job and as such, think your opinions are law compared to the ending haters but in a clip show about funny moments over the series’ run, I don’t feel like listening to you guys be butt-hurt that the internet didn’t have the same opinion you did.

    Sorry but listening to that episode felt like I was being bitched about even if the thing that I’m being bitched at about isn’t even something I correlate with. Wow that felt good to get off my chest lol I’m one of the iTunes listeners who has retroactively gone over to listening to your TDAR stuff (love episode 20 btw)

    So does this episode have any of those things or should I wait for a more funnier episode that returns to form like the delicious 80’s Rap episode (loved that one!) or ANY episode with the venerable Mike Grimm!?

  3. I was all prepared to start yelling about how this si a cop-out.
    Then I remembered “oh right, Comic-con”

  4. You should make Another Winter the closer to every episode. That just makes my Laser Time boner even harder.

  5. I would have thought it would be harder to have to go back to each episode and look for clips in over 40 episodes rather than just talk. Honestly you guys could just not prepare anything and talk about whatever comes to mind and it would still be extremely entertaining, seeing how most of the best material comes from getting sidetracked! Still you guys have earned a break and I hope you have enjoyed Comic-Con.

  6. Reruns are only tollerated in life when the show is of good quality… (simpsons ect…)


    besides all i do is listen to old episodes at work… expt 39…it gets me akward glances.

  7. oh goddammit I JUST finished my 60 hour run through going through the back log. ah well it brings it all full circle.

  8. Hmm, could be useful seeing as how there’s a good 1/6 of the podcast that I haven’t listened to. Hopefully I don’t hurt myself exercising with a random burst of laughter.

  9. I shall listen to this while patiently awaiting the Comic Con-centric Cape Crisis and next week’s Laser Time.

  10. Thanks for this Chris. Passed it on to my friend who only started listening to podcasts

  11. That Charlie Chaplin speech is amazing, they should play it once a week in every school and workplace around the world.

    The only thing more inspirational is hearing “We have reached the cervix” again.

  12. I loved this episode. I’ve listened to the Talkradar backlog enough times to be pretty familiar with most of its best segments, but I hadn’t listened to any LT episodes for a second time yet. I completely forgot how amazing some of these clips were.

    Also I agree with Handy that the Charlie Chaplin speech is one of the most inspirational things ever recorded. Great idea to leave it in this episode.

  13. Guys, don’t ever to a clip show again.

    If you have nothing, post a 30 second clip saying you’re taking the week (or weeks, or months, or indefinite) time off.

    This is just crap. And fuck you.

    1. Are you serious? Honestly, I can’t tell…

      You seem righteously offended and that bugs the hell out of me, quite frankly. Do you honestly feel your time was wasted? You’d prefer we waste other people’s time with a 30 second clip stating our absence, when anybody listening can discern it’s not a new episode in the same amount of time? “CRAP?!” I’m proud we have enough good bits to comprise ONE “Best of” episode from OVER 40 FREE WEEKLY EPISODES.

      I suppose there’s a compliment buried somewhere in your indignation, pertaining to being disappointed by the lack of a new episode, but I really just wanna say “No, FUCK YOU!”

  14. to any1 who thinks that a clip show might be worth skipping, i who have already listened to it strongly advise against not listening! It was great! Since most of us consider this the “new show” for the cast we forget how long it has been since they started lasertime. Things from all the way back as episode 2 appear and it is a lot of fun to listen 2!

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