Cape Crisis #20 – Giant Sized Comic-Con Spectacular

Fresh from San Diego with tales of celebrities, pushy goons, cho-cho trains, video games, ill-advised toy purchases, THE WALKING DEADPOOL and most importantly COMIC BOOKS!











Cape Crisis #20 Question – What are YOU reading?!

22 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #20 – Giant Sized Comic-Con Spectacular

  1. I got so excited when I misheard Brett say that a Sonic/Megaman movie was coming out in 2014. That would have been so amazingly bad as a film.

  2. brett’s story about comic con floor staff is one of the many reasons why i’m more than likely never going to go back to comic con ever again. they treat the guests like crap. but chris is right… some serious issues have come up in the past that has lead to them policing that show hard core.
    it’s really gone to shit in the last decade. just a circus of madness now.

    as an animator/comic book artist and as someone who has watched the MLP series, I can say it’s a solid show. i don’t watch a lot of it, but as far as contemporary US animation goes. it’s good and it’s solid. i wish i could get a job working on the series honestly.

    did i hear you guys mention dragon con?! if you guys are coming to dragon con let me know… I’ll put you all up at my place for free and show you around atlanta. really!

    chris… that old disney stuff is gonna be hard to find, because they recycled so many of the acetate sheets for use on other films. they would just wash them, and start something new on them.

    1. That’s sadly true, I’ve been going since 94 and about say 2003 it started going bad.
      there was a lot less people and they gave way a lot more free stuff so people actually turned down some stuff a lot of the time, but there’s so much people there now and giveaways are so crappy that some people just go fuckin’ nuts.
      also, I remember that I once went to hall H just to rest a few hours, just walked in to a panel where Neil Gaiman was talking about Stardust, none of this “wait in line for 12 hours to see a 20 minute commercial” bullshit.

      I might go to wondercon instead, but SDCC is literally 15 minutes from my house so there’s that.

  3. I wish you’d covered the new Sandman! When Gaiman said the artist is going to be JH Williams, my mouth literally hung open.

  4. I love this show, especially when there are a lot of people on who have read a lot of comics (although the one with just Chris and Hank was great).

  5. Not a lot of comics at this SDCC. It’s been like this for a while, but seems to get fewer and fewer every year.

    Excited for some of the film stuff though!

    BY THE WAYYYYY I thought you guys might be interested: Nolan North was first Deadpool in one of the straight to DVD animated things I think (I haven’t seen it, but probably the Hulk Vs Deadpool one?) He seems to be pretty much accepted as the voice of Deadpool these days, in anything.

  6. also… i meant to say.
    the reason why all those union guys who work the conventions sound like they’re from new york or something, is because a lot of them are. my friend in new york is one. they actually fly to all these conventions and build and break down shows. so yah, it’s a lot of the same guys running back and forth from coast to coast. C:

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