30 thoughts on “Laser Time – Banes of Acting

  1. Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!! Laser Time is so awesome it’s coming to me from the future! Can’t wait to listen.


    Having watched the first SpiderMan movie recently, he is fresh on my mind… And to be honest, i think he’s one of the best things of that movie, and one of the few things that haven’t aged badly in it, all things considered.

  3. To answer Chris’ question: Andre the Giant’s final movie, where he played a circus giant, is called “Trading Mom”.

  4. Tom Hardy’s Bane was a force of nature and he got so much emotion just using his eyes. Can’t wait to hear your guys thoughts

  5. Great episode! I LOVE Wrasslin’ episodes! Thank you Chris, for bringing the Andre the Giant clip in. I was close to being rabid. Keep it up gents! Lasertime will be back again in “High Noon at Kick Mountain”


  6. Let us not forget Undertaker was one of the villains in Suburban Commando. The song that plays over the ending credits is so ridiculous it has stayed in my brain for the past two decades. Enjoy.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjxFMghFCYA (if you can make it to the end you will see the most absurd Snake Mountain cameo ever.)

  7. “See, this is where I come in to balance out the wrestling discussion, because I no longer care” that’s the kind of banter that makes me love listening to you guys :). I think the topic this week is really interesting and timely considering that was a big argument on the internet leading up to the release of TDKR, talent versus look: an actor like Tom Hardy has the talent and intellect to play Bane as the genius strategist that he is but not the look and physical power he has, big and muscled (apparently). Thus many people arguing that Hardy was all wrong to play Bane and that it had to be a pro wrestler or pro athlete playing him to achieve a believable look for the comic book character.

    But then you see Jeep Swenson’s..is that it, I can’t even be bothered to look it up…performance in Buttman and Rubbin, I’m sorry Batman and Robin, and you realize that that is a horrendous assumption. Also, I felt like Jeep looked pretty small height wise in that film, where as Hardy was given the angles and special shoes to look as tall as Bale and other actors he was acting across from in TDKR, so he looked tall and muscled enough to kick the Bat’s ass while playing Bane as a man of ferocious intellect and brutality.

    Talent first, the look can be achieved through careful manipulation of the film which is why for a serious role like Bane’s a pro wrestler should NEVER again be cast…

    On that note I totally forgot about Bonesaw!! That was a great performance and a very appropriate one for a pro wrestler to play :).

  8. I don’t know why, but Hardy’s accent, to me at least, went a bit King of Names at some points

  9. I was talking to a friend of mine after we had both seen The Dark Knight Rises and she told me that apparently she was worried about Bane because of Joel Schumaker’s Bane from Batman and Robin. I could not believe that there was anyone on this planet whose only idea of Bane was that abomination.

  10. All this Tom Hardy talk has reminded me of the amazing film Warrior, which also stars the wrestler Kurt Angle! In a non speaking role! Everyone’s a winner!

  11. Philistines! Who doesn’t like wrestling tawk?! If you can’t do whole episodes, just bounce it in wherever it fits, like Leaping Lenny Popov.

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