41 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #22 – Boob Window

    1. I thing DC underestimates the selling power of a dick window and would like to see one on the next batman.

  1. Chris-
    Do yourself justice after the cosmic mini series read Annihilation and Annihilation:Conquest before reading Guardians of the Galaxy. Annihilation just a fantastic story and Conquest directly leads into GotG. You will appreciate it all in the end once you are reading Thanos Imperative.

  2. More and more this is becoming my favorite podcast. We need a Cape Crisis shirt! Oh, and you all need to quit your jobs so you can talk about video games ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. chris you shouldnt compare using comments, sometimes I just forget to leave one and other times I dont bother and go to the lasertime ep discussion in the forums.

  4. I liked the Power Girl comics thought it was a fun read and enjoyed the art until they switched toward the end of the run. Also thought it was funny that Power Boy had the same hole in his costume to show off his pecks.

  5. More TDKR talk? … I was excited by the title alone (come on who doesn’t flock to see boob windows?!) but I think I’ll skip this one. After that last hard to listen to edition of Cape Crisis I don’t think I have it in me to sit through another nitpick/rage-palooza. Catch you fine chaps next week!

  6. I just wanted to thank you guys on Cape Crisis for getting me into comics. I’ve been on the fence for a while, but you guys talking about them really got me into reading them. Now excuse me while i go blow a lot of money on the Nova sale on Comixology.

  7. I’m 97% sure Joker isn’t in Dark Knight rises in any shape or form. There’s two things I think Chris could be talking about (and one of them isn’t even in the movie, but the novelisation.)

    Interested in hearing otherwise though, I’d love to be proven wrong.

  8. Just seen the TDKR for a 2nd time and loved it even more than I did on first viewing. Hope Chris has turned round on it

  9. Aw man, I really really liked that last wrestling episode. Their over-the-top yelling is great for audio.

  10. Sometimes I get pissed reading comments or the forums. It’s free entertainment and people get so pissed when they don’t agree with opinions or content. Do you assholes write angry emails to game developers or movie writers when you PAY for something you didn’t like? Ease the fuck up on Chris’ nuts.

    Personally, I think Chris should ban some of you.

    PS: Dark Knight Rises was pretty good, but it wasn’t amazing. Come at me, bros.

    1. OH NO!
      an opinion different than my own! and ON THE INTERNET where it’s impact is greater!


  11. Another great episode of Cape Crisis. Only on the Laser Time network would there be a Phineas & Ferb discussion in an episode called “Boob Window”. Love it.

  12. I am offended by the inclusion of anything Phineas & ferb related. The 2000’s have been the decade of deeply unsatisfying Disney cartoons for me. BLAM!

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  14. And my fears of how the treatment of Marvel is validated. They;ll be forced into almost every disney show by 2015

  15. Great episode! Although, I gotta say, I almost had to just shut it off near the end there… Anne was really going overboard with that “PROMETHEUS IS GARBAGE!!!!!” shit.
    Ok, we get it, you didn’t like the movie. Calm down….

  16. The podcast shows up on itunes under the genre of christian rap. Must be a stranger episode than usual.

  17. Yet, another great episode of CC! I moved out of state recently so I missed a bunch of eps and I’m now playing catch up. It is nice to have several CC’s and LT’s to listen to though :). I have an ongoing list of comics I’m going to pick up that I hadn’t heard of or that I had wondered about getting into before listening to CC. Thank you guys and Anne for expanding my comic horizon ๐Ÿ™‚

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