64 thoughts on “Laser Time – Mascots: Famous and Forgotten

  1. Perfect for a Monday #Garfield #Cats #Mondays #Lasagna #perfection #Odie #A

  2. New LaserTime – at last!

    And congratulations on your new role at Capcom, Chris. I look forward to ALF becoming a downloadable character for Streetfighter IV.

  3. Aw shit Henry is talking about ‘The Big Chicken’. They actually had that thing in one of those Midnight Club games. Micnight Club 2 I think.

  4. I hope they talk about the 1984 Olympics mascot that was a giant “fuck you!” to any and all other countries.

  5. I actually quite enjoyed the Izzi game when I was a kid….I was young and stupid but as bad as it is I still see him as undeserving of hatred…in fact he is the only Olympic mascot I remember… I am from England and dont even know the names of the current one…I just know they are two weird alien one eyed penis things…

  6. Coop Troop has one simple demand: that our Messiah, Hollander Cooper, be a guest on the show. Stop holding out on the people Lime Taser!

  7. I find a trip to dentist relaxing but I still enjoy coming home for a new episode of lasertime, and the fact that I had a cracked tooth fixed has taken away my physical pain for the time being. I actually had a nap and DIDNT feel shitty after it.
    So lets see how long this contentment lasts shall we, commence download.

  8. Goddamnit, this episode was so good. I think the Laser Time train is at its best when it’s constantly derailing.

  9. Oh man! We have a long weekend here in Manitoba so I completely forgot about it being Monday! Luckily Laser Time is so integrated into my being nowadays I had an instinctual need to not only listen to two episodes (Very Special Episode & Adult Jokes) but to visit the site where I found this! Everything`s coming up Milhouse!

    1. Now 20 minutes into the episode and despite all the Simpsons references and discussion about how The Simpsons relates to everything they still missed the fact that the exact stadium in Montreal that Chris was talking about is what inspired the Mayor Quimby re-election line “It’s not the Mayor’s fault that the stadium collapsed”.

  10. Sso busy at work, bieng a restaurant in banff plus long weekend this makes the prep shifta fly by. Thank you guys. And congrats chris hope you love it at Capcom (working with Brelston how could you not!!!)

  11. “I was too indoctrinated by the chicken mcnuggets” and a Codex entry on the Burger King Kids Club. This is why Laser Time is the only podcast I listen to every week. Thanks for another great show, boys.

  12. Chris, hopefully your new job will permit you to go to Japan someday. They have a mascot for goddamn EVERYTHING. As for Epcot, I’ve heard tale of a way to enjoy that place as an adult. Apparently there is a featured beer served at each of the eleven countries on the World Showcase. So the goal here is to see how many countries you can make it through before shit gets bad.

  13. Look forward to this. Also can’t wait to hear the Olympic talk. Been getting Olympic fever but mostly because i’m unemployed and live in the UK

  14. this episode made me hungry.
    hungry for the past. you guys talked a lot about of food franchises.

    atlanta turned out okay after the olympics.
    the city is non stop busy now.
    and let us not forget about that gentrification.
    oh all the poor people that got swept under the rug just before 96.

    also henry… the bg chicken is still here at that KFC in merietta. it’s been made a national landmark so it can’t be torn down.


    this was probably one of the best episodes of LT in a while.
    and finally…. why no lasertime question of the week?

  15. Great episode guys, although the cool aid went over my head since I only know that from references in cartoons.

    Also Dr. Marvin Monroe is still alive. He appears in season 10 Diatribe of a Mad Housewife. He claimed he was just sick, remember.

  16. Easily one of the best episodes. Never think you have to stop yourself from talking about The Simpsons.

    Oh, and the 85th Anniversary of Kool-Aid is this Saturday. Come on over to Nebraska and join in diabetes fun with me. It was created here and is actually known as the “official soft-drink of Nebraska.” There’s a big party with all sorts of games and Kool-Aid crap. It’s a gay ol’ time.

    1. I had a devilish grin at the sound of that of that music… made me think back to a recent classic episode…

  17. I laughed so much I wanted to eat a uhaul full of dry fukn mummy dick. So much truth in there, it hurt.

    Yeah McDonald land ruled! I just got all the reissued dolls, it was a beyoch trying to find Captain Crook. Now they all stand over my studio door, silently watching… One day they will be joined by Mac Tonight.

    FYI the first Ronald McDonald was Willard Scott from the today Show.

    1. I always saw the Hawaiian Punch commercials as a bit nasty and ominous. The underlying story is that, as a gullible tourist from the mainland, you will be abused by the islanders, possibly with physical violence. Zoiks!

    2. Good news, there is actually some nice new 2D animation at the Disney CA Adventure Park. The new-ish Little Mermaid ride uses some LCDs showing original footage of Ariel swimming in some scenes. At first it was just some cheesy CGI of her swimming around (which sucked). But then after about a year they replaced it with some nice, possibly hand-drawn animation of her that looks great.

  18. Listened to this ep a bit late, and holy hell, my day has been made. This was such a great episode, guys.

  19. Sooo good, made my painful wait for the end of the work day today so much more bearable. Keep going off the rails, that’s when LT and TR are the best! I had people awkwardly staring at me with my big grin and headphoned self.

  20. I feel like commenting to support the show even though I forgot what this weeks episode was about. What I can say was that when I snoozed off while listening to it, I imagined Michael as a weird cartoony robot and everyone else was Mario. Also this all took place in John’s room from Homestuck; Someone help me!

  21. Great episode and so much to comment on too… surprised Mr. Bill didn’t get mentioned for Pizza Hut, even though it was short lived.

    Also a Macho Man Randy Savage mention woulda been nice as well, certainly famous but not so forgotten.

    What can be forgettable is when, now WWE “Legend”, Edge tried to take Savage’s spot in the Slim Jim commercials recently… they were turrible.

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