9 thoughts on “VGMpire Episode 27 – Ninja Gaiden trilogy

  1. Awesome, I used to love these games. It’s a shame to see where the series has gone recently. Keep up the great podcasts. Unrelated: I liked your guys’ discussion of the Dark Knight. I just listened to the recent Cape Crisis and was disappointed to hear so many people weren’t open for the criticisms; criticisms which were valid.

  2. My greatest video game experience is thanks to Ninja Gaiden, love the soundtracks. Play them on my ipod all the time, hope that we will get a retro style sequel someday…(by WayFoward please)

  3. Great episode! Hearing these tracks brings back so many good memories. These games were difficult at first but after playing them over and over, you get used to pattern and defeating them became very manageable.

    I just found this podcast, so my comment is about 2 years too late. Regarding this episode, I am surprised that one of the tracks was not included. The song I am referring to is “Midnight Runner” aka “Going Gets Tough”. Not only is this a great song, but it is played during the BEST scene of the game and probably one of the best scenes in the entire trilogy.

    The cut scene was played after stage 7-1 and involves special intelligence officer, Rob. It is such a powerful scene because earlier in game when Rob and Irene were escaping, Jaquio intercepts them and he takes Irene away from Rob. Ryu later catches up with Rob whom was injured by Jaquio. Rob fills Ryu in on the details of what happened when Ryu sees Jaquio’s goons approaching them in the distance. Rob decides to stay behind to slow them down to allow Ryu go after Irene.

    For actual scene itself, it can be seen here: http://youtu.be/37v8_bIhT3o?t=30m47s

    It was heavily implied that this was Rob’s last stand. In the scene, he says to himself, “So…this is the end of road, eh? It’s dark…everything is getting cloudy. Ryu, get’em…for me.” And a slight smirk can be seen on Rob after this line. He fires his gun one last time and the scene fades away then cuts to Ryu running towards his goal of finding Irene.

    Again, this is such a powerful scene, and it is almost difficult to believe that this kind of depth was found in a game for an 8 bit home console system.

    It’s too bad that neither Ryu nor Irene mentions Rob at the end of the game. Maybe the creators of the game wanted to keep Rob’s fate ambiguous in case they wanted to bring him back in another Ninja Gaiden game.

    For something less serious, in NG3, I found that the music in stage 4-1 (the stage with the upside down mountains) to be very good as well. It is more melodic which is quite different than the tracks that were chosen for the podcast. I will re-listen to this one everyone now and then. Great job all around guys.

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