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      1. FYI I love these types of episodes, my favorite part of your podcasts are when you guys tell personal anicdotes always good for a laugh. Loved this episode keep up the good work. (I also buy a lot though the links to make sure these shows continue.)

    1. I don’t think they can be out of ideas, Lasertime is whatever it needs and wants to be each week, plus they have a bunch of episodes hidden in a vault for sure.

    2. If they were out of ideas they would have read porn three episode in a row… AND THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

      just trollin-I mean sayin’

  1. Right as I was getting all depressed about the not-pocalypse this year, Laser Time comes out. Right next to it? Amazon’s linking to Superman Blu-Rays! Hell yeah!

  2. Welcome back, Laserfriends. This makes for a nice early 29th birthday gift for me. Now I’ve got something to listen to while I deliver pizzas.

  3. Great ep!!! Truly one you can’t hear without having those same memories flood over you no matter what your age. Well done guys!.

    I’ve already tipped my hand before about being old as hell, but who cares. Probably my best time was the 3 year stretch when I was 8-10 which was in…sigh… 1980-1982..

    I was just getting old enough to be allowed to ride off with friends on bikes instead of just run circles around the block. I had 3 great friends at the time who were into all the same things: D&D, BMX, and of course video games. And for the first time in history, the games were EVERYWHERE. An arcade in every mall, theater and amusement park, and more machines in every pizza parlor, convenience store, ice cream shop, liquor store, deli, laundromat, grocery store, hell even the photo studio at Sears. You couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing game commercials or shows about them. We all had different systems at home we’d visit and play on (I was Team Atari). Plus every store you could walk into was not only selling game systems, but had a setup you could play them on. We’d buy video game magazines when we could afford them (mostly Electronic Games) to find out about new stuff, but there was always some mysterious machine or cartridge we’d spot on some trip to a distant place with our parents, that we’d have to report on to our buddies the next day, only to live on as legend until in some cases the internet proved the existence many years later! We’d swear and argue at each other over what had the best graphics, Zaxxon or Pole Position. Or how many screens Donkey Kong really had, Or what was the correct pronunciation of Xevious. We played endless games of Tron one summer crashing our bikes and hucking frisbees at each other. We even made a reenactment of the Pitfall course with a rope swing, a ladder, a kiddie pool, rubber snakes and alligators, and rolling firewood logs at each other.

    Yep those times were the best…

    1. Holy Crap, you’re old! Did your grandkids come to the nursing home to help you type this up?? Wait, you’re only a couple years older than me! Damnit! Oops, just made a boom-boom in my depends, gotta call the nurse to come change em.

      1. LOL!! Well the way I sees it, why give up on the fun stuff once you’re old enough to afford it all? Edison cylinders, Katzenjammer Kid comics, Bazooka Joe bubblegum, I loves ’em all, by Jove.

  4. I love this episode because it’s going to really pisss off the kids who complain that the show doesn’t talk exclusively about the early 00’s. the hosts are my age, the stuff they speak about means something to me. and thank god they don’t give into the pressure to force in topics like Digimon or some shit.

    if u didn’t own any ninja turtles merchandise, you’re probably listening to the wrong podcast.

    1. Boy, TalkRadar’s been near and dear to my heart ever since I started listening to it and these hosts are the reason I listen. Don’t tell me I’m listening to the wrong podcast.

      And nobody wants to talk about Digimon.

      Anyway, I can’t think of that warm fuzzy feeling. I’ve never been one for nostalgia. That’s an emotion I just don’t have most of the time.

    2. If you’re going to talk that way about a very committed group of teenagers who love the show and have learned to love the stuff it talks about, you should probably stay out of the comments.

  5. So, I’m a MUCH younger kid (I turn 15 this Wednesday), but I really feel like it’s Laser Time that has sparked my interest for this time period. I’ve started playing a lot of these older video game and watching older movies, and I think it’s because of you guys. Thanks so much for doing Laser Time each week, and Cape Crisis too, which has gotten me into comics. If you guys ever find yourselves in the Coastal North Carolina region, you’re welcome to come to my house to play some pinball!

  6. This episode was strangely appropriate for this week because I started my first day of college classes yesterday. I kinda miss home even more now.

  7. HEY I’m 21, and I was like-… nine when The Matrix came out.

    So my first experience with The Matrix was when I was like 13, and my friend had Matrix Reloaded (the 2nd one) on DVD. The general concsensus on the internet is that Matrix 1 was this amazing, deep, smart idea, and the rest were just costumed action movies.

    But OH MAN, I replayed every fight scene in Matrix 2 OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This fuckin blew my dick off and I could not believe that this guy was punching clones through buildings, and it wasn’t a Spider-Man cartoon.

    I eventually went back and watched the first Matrix, and by that time I was like mid-teens so that was perfect timing aswel.

  8. I know this’ll sound like me undercutting this podcast, but the time that TalkRadar was still a thing is definitely way up there. I really can’t praise that podcast enough.

  9. It took a lasertime free week for me to realize how ingrained into my Monday rituals you guys have become. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  10. yes i will leave a comment but since i already registered in the forums i will leave my story there

    thanks for the show guys

  11. 1997-2001, 2nd to 5th elementary school I remember fondly. Everyone was friends with everybody! I associate Pokemon, Cartoon Network, Toonami, spice girls, yo-yo’s, scooters, tony Hawk, ps1, N64, Brittany spears, backstreet boys, N’SYNC(looking back probably not the best time for music, but damn Brittany was hot) with that time in my life.

    Good times.

  12. Any podcast that within the first minute or so asks me to recall the happiest days of my life just has to be rather great right? (Seriously, making me think about them and recalling them made me truly happy)

  13. I have vague recollections of staying up all night to play Pac-Man, Pitfall, and River-Raid on the atari so the best years were probably 1982-1986. I remember watching Star Wars so much that all our dogs puppies were named after them. Yep, I had a puppy named Princess Leia. I think Princess Leia was male too, I miss that dog 🙁

  14. Yea, I guess I can be piled up into one of those youngins, even though I’m “legally” an adult now. As lost as I am about 60% of the topics you guys talk about, I still enjoy hearing your opinions on whatever, even if its just like freaken cheese or something, you guys make it funny.

    Also I don’t think I’ve lived enough to answer this one. Especially considering that most of my childhood was pokemon and I still enjoy and play that pretty consistently…so it’s like i never left my happiness…

  15. Man. So I’m listening to this episode while cleaning the house (somewhat poorly I might add.. I just vacuumed the counter cause I didnt feel like wetting a towel) I am struck by how closely I relate to you guys. Bretts correlation to 91 being the year of ‘waking up’ is precisely almost the exact experience I had. Though I remember my NES days fondly (when I hear the top gun theme I remember playing nintendo, and it being the summer in the 80’s.. which for some reason I remember as bright.. neon hats at the pool, girls with shitty hair and flower print vests, and for some reason.. a lot of brown) — But 91, was when I began to be able to make my own decisions.. I want this game, I like this show because i DISCOVERED it… Our generation is unique in that we experienced a huge explosion of technology that now defines so many people but we also didnt have the ever connected internet.. the things we loved were our own. No one else loved what we loved.. and if they did we had a bond.. someone to brave those nights that we watched the sun rise.. and not because we were hopped on meth.. I’m from Texas.. so thats pretty impressive.. Achievement Unlocked.. you dodged meth. Anyways… I have no idea what I was saying.. OH YEAH, nerd things. The change into high school.. where I realized the things I liked werent able to be broadcast openly. Instead I hung out with my friends in a basement playing pool, and beating final fantasy 7 or castlevania symphony of the night.. We werent necessarily social outcasts.. or the 90’s idea of the reclusive nerd.. we just liked hanging out with each other more , making each other laugh, than doing what the other kids did. I’d argue that in those basements we were able to be more creative by focusing on our imagination instead of.. I dont know.. doing meth. Or just not being vapid cunts.
    Great job guys.. you provide our niche with great commentary and comedy. I’d buy you a beer if it wouldnt make my already vaguely creepy love note seem more rapish. Btw.. I teach now.. which is still hard for me to fathom.. and kids nowadays.. are almost outcasts if they DONT play video games.. but these kids are too connected.. they don’t imagine.. they just envelop themselves with technology.. they’re the little bastards that hack in day -z or yell at you on xbox.. anyways.. don’t do meth.

  16. Great episode but can we stop saying “Hey Kids!” on the breaks Chris? Unless you know your demographic is all in high school, which I see other people around my age here though (28). I’d echo Brett’s sentiments, the early 90s (that’s as specific as I can get) were definitely the oh hey moments of my life. Loved the reminiscing, great stuff.

  17. Wow, what a great podcast. Time and time again you guys churn out some great stuff. Keep up the good work and we’ll keep listening.

  18. This is one of my favorite LT episodes. Due to the fact this episode is two years old, I doubt that anyone will actually read this, but this is something that I feel the need to express.

    I would consider the best years of my life to be from the beginning of my junior year of high school to the ending of my senior year. (2010-2012)

    This was when I discovered my love for film, not just as mere entertainment, but as an art form. The movies that came out around that time truly opened my eyes and shaped the film-lover that I am today: Inception, Social Network, Black Swan, Drive, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

    There were two TV shows in specific that had a profound effect on me during that time as well. Dexter and How I Met Your Mother. I related to Dexter on the basis that he was an introverted social outcast similar to how I felt about myself at the time. How I Met Your Mother, though some people may just see it as a standard sitcom, is a show really spoke to me all throughout its 9 seasons. As a hopeless romantic, I connected with Ted the most out of all of the characters and his quest to try to find the right woman for him after countless instances of failure.

    In terms of video games, the pinnacle of my high school nostalgia was staying up until 2 in the morning in a 9 person Xbox Live Party playing Halo 3 like it was my full-time job.

    And of course, this is also when I discovered Talk Radar. I followed these guys religiously and quoted the King of Names and Duke Lombardi to no end. I remember almost crying when I heard the news that Brett and Chris were leaving Gamesradar, but immediately happy when I heard about this new podcast they would be doing together called Laser Time. I will never forget the day I listened to the first episode of LT. I was sitting in my religion class listening to the episode, and trying so hard to hold in laughter throughout the entire discussion about the Star Wars Holiday Special.

    I felt the need to revisit this episode and express these thoughts because I haven’t been adjusting to “adult life” so well lately and there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by recently where I don’t think about how much I miss these times. I would just like to express my deepest appreciations for Chris and the gang for always being there to entertain and enlighten me throughout my high school days and especially now more than ever. Talk Radar and Laser Time are more than just a silly podcasts about cartoons and farts to me. They helped me form my taste and sense of humor, and helped shape me into the person I am today, for better or worse. Love this episode. Love these podcasts. Love this site. Love these people. Thank you!

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