Cape Crisis #25 – Fightin’ The Man

We gab about rich old ducks, scarlet spiders, movies, Joss Whedon’s Marvel TV show, and the possibilities of creator-owned comics…











#25 Question: Are Marvel/DC pushing out creative people with too many rules?

25 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #25 – Fightin’ The Man

  1. Wait..what? I’m barely awake yet. Is this a dream? Why is Chris Antista in my room dressed as Webbigail “Webby” Vanderquack?

  2. pew pew pew….
    i got nothin to say ‘cept i’m sooooo happy for a new CC cause i was getting reeeeal bored over here. :3

    thank you LTN

  3. I think Buck Angel is interesting because he repulses me but has a vagina, I could have sex with him. But the girl Hank was talking about looks like a woman but has a penis and would have to put it in me which as a straight person should freak me out more, right? Its weird that the secondary sexual characteristics are more important to my boner than actually being able to have sex with him/her or her/him.

  4. Haven’t listened yet but I hope to hear about what you guys thought about the stuff Rob Liefeld was saying on twitter recently!

    1. TalkStation…with old pal Scott Butterworth and semi-regular Laser Time Podcast Network contributor Anne Lewis. Definitely worth a listen.

  5. Happy to hear the dulcet tones of Wikiparaz! Would love to hear some more if he can squeeze it in with all his executive editing, TalkStationing, and Kuros serving.

  6. As soon as I heard Mikel, I was confident this would be a great episode (as if the rest of them aren’t). Good to hear a familiar group again.

  7. i’m back! C:

    i just wanted to say i really think Henry, the biggest flaw with FF: Spirits Within was that it was NOTHING like a final fantasy game. there was no fantasy, adventure, action at all.
    no magical adventures on chocobos, moogles, fighting giant tentacled plant creatures or summoning ifrit and shiva.
    just boring, watered down, sci fi.

  8. Dc and marvel are def pushin me away with all the way their rules for comic book story telling. I have been reading more comics from Image like invincible, morning glories and PLANETOID because of their creative independent story telling.

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