Cape Crisis #26 – RIP Kingpin

We’re back from Penny Arcade Expo, sick and happy to have met so many of our fans. We talk about some non-comic stuff, dead actors, and equally dead crossovers…











#26 Question: What do you think is going to happen in Amazing Spider-Man #700?

21 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #26 – RIP Kingpin

  1. This might just be me but I can’t download the episode on itunes, its saying the URL can’t be found. I shall listen of here anyways though 🙂

  2. I love how early it is and the effort you guys put in to get it done but iTunes won’t let me download it! “Download error”? WTF? This is killing me.

  3. I might be wrong, I’m just guessing here, but I think the reason people don’t want you guys discussing politics is because you’re all effectively identical San Francisco liberals, and it would just sound like an echo-chamber without any sort of opposition input or response. Again, just a guess.

  4. henry has a raspy voice. i like it. it gives you a specific character.

    also… henry since you’ll be in tokyo for a while… you should do a CC special about manga. seriously. expand the horizons of the show a little. you guys talk a lot about marvel.
    just talk to people about whats popular over there or what ever, talk about the way its viewed socially as a medium versus in the states, or the frequency to which issues come out.
    give it a shot.

  5. Great episode as always guys. I had been listening to Cape Crisis for months despite not reading too many comics, mainly because I don’t like reading them digitally and I didn’t really know anywhere else to get them. I just found out there’s a comic store a five minute walk away from my dorm though, so I’m excited to start keeping up with what you guys talk about. Keep up the suggestions so I know what to read, Henry.

  6. For Christ’s sake, Chris.

    You don’t want to discuss politics? Fine. But you need to understand that boorishly declaring that you’re “not gonna vote, I don’t give a shit” on your podcast sends a horrid, lazy message to younger listeners who are inscrutably looking up to you? That you might serve as an example for them to follow?

    I’m not trying to bully you into voting. That can be your mistake that you’ll recognize once you’re a bit older. But PLEASE don’t poison the well if you can help it.

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