17 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #27 – Tokyo Beat

  1. wooooooo hoooooooo!

    man i’m telling you, just one CC special from tokyo.
    go down to akihabara check out the latest comics and then tell us how you guys feel about how comics are received over there.

    yall probably don’t have the time.

    did i say this already?
    well it bares saying again.

  2. When Chris mentioned guided view being the way to read comics he wasn’t talking about on iPad right? Comics look pretty damn perfect to me fullscreen on a iPad 3, I can see it being a bigger deal on the 2 because the text and art isn’t going to be as crisp so guided views a better way to enjoy the art, and of course on 7 inch tablets it’s going to necessarily unless you like holding the thing up to your nose.

  3. Chris I can relate.

    I’ve been told I look like Liev Shreiber as well. I had a guy on line for a concert address me as Sabertooth.

  4. I need to read all the Guardians of the Galaxy stuff. James Gunn is awesome, and I need context for when the movie comes out.

  5. The Zelda/Mario manga in NP is spectacular stuff. I still read through those issues on occasion. What a damn fine magazine that used to be. Remember the videos they’d send?! The DKC one made me geek out pretty aggressively. Ah, adolescence.

  6. being at least a bit Asian I felt compelled to watch dbz naruto bleach one piece and all the generic stuff when i was younger but i recently read pluto and really enjoyed it but other than that Rurouni Kenshin and android 009 really stuck out to me and my guilty pleasure would probably be mar eventhough if i went back it would probably be kinda dumb

    ps im 18

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