28 thoughts on “Cape Crisis – Batman: The Musical!

  1. I’m by myself at the moment but I actually spoke out loud “You’ve got to be f*cking kidding?” Seriously, a Batman Musical? This is going to be painful isn’t it?

  2. This has the makings of a very good episode full of hilarious awful sound bites. Just the good news I need after getting a temporary crown today!

  3. Loved the throwback music to the T’dar comercial where people read reviews of the podcast, also did anyone imagine pierce (from community) sitting on a piano in a batman costume during the first piano song?

  4. I love the episodes with awful music. Worst of VGM and Simpsons sing the blues are some of my favorite episodes of lasertime.

  5. Yeesh… That was painful. The songs, anyway. Great podcast, love when you showcase bad music and audio and comment on it like that. It was funny hearing Henry especially, since he loves musicals but even he was being tested by how awful these were.

  6. YEAH a dose of Meat Loaf in between the Cape Crisis bread, love that song. Also why isn’t their a redone version of I need a hero with Batman lyrics?

  7. so happy this happened, also i vote to keep i need a hero as the opening song. its to perfect to change back now

  8. Hasn’t anyone in the laser time group seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Shit’s amazing! And what about Singing in the Rain? Motherfucking classic! Musicals aren’t all bad, they just get a bad rap cause the vast majority of them are gut wrenchingly atrocious.

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