22 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #28 – Talking to fish

  1. Politics in the podcast would be fine if it wasn’t so ridiculously insulated. It’s like reading a note from a time capsule. “Republicans just don’t care about Obama.” Hahahah, how quaint, if only they knew the truth.

    1. You know, we would maybe take your opinions more seriously if every time you showed up here you didn’t just act like an ignorant dickbag and talk shit about the hosts.

      Every Fucking Time.

      1. Do I call you or anyone else an “ignorant dickbag”? Dickbag is just pointless namecalling, and ignorant requires evidence to back it up.

  2. Episode was kinda boring…can’t believe they didn’t see or address the Dredd movie, besides Henry barely mentioning it three weeks ago.

  3. the best thing that DC could have done with the whole Robin situation is have 2 robins…
    Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne.
    Damien is Bruce’s kid blah blah blah, but Dick has multiple personalities. and while he’s brilliantly talented he often slips between Jason, Tim, etc. and Batman has to deal with that.
    heck if you want, ALL the robins are one kid with multiple personalities. EVEN BETTER.
    DC is FARKED! they messed up, they did. cause all they had to do was say those other stories were how one person saw themselves.

    1. This podcast needs some differing opinions. Henerey is great and all, but none of the other hosts really seem to have read enough to provide a discussion about something.

      1. I’m inclined to agree. If Brett isn’t present, there’s no one to challenge Henry at all resulting in the same opinions and a single point of view every week.

  4. Wow you think THIS is the best comic book podcast ? Where they talk about wrestling and politics and pointless shit half the time ? Sorry guys but we all know how easily distracted the host are. I love Chris and HG but they need to talk about comics MORE, in this episode they did a great job of doing that but search the web. There’s TONS of podcast out there. They better give what people want or it’s not gonna be so good. You wouldn’t keep going to a food place if they kept serving crappy food. This show needs something new to it.

    1. I like the show precisely because of their tangents. Comic book talk is great but so what if they talk about movies and games as well? It’s not crappy food, it’s just served different. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

      1. This. If I want comic news I can go anywhere, but not everywhere has the personality that Cape Crisis brings to the game.

      2. I never said I didn’t like them talking about games and movies you dumb fuck. POLITICS AND WRESTLING. maybe you should read better.

          1. Don’t hate. HG even admits they hate when they get off topic. People’s opinions are what matter. It’s what the host go off of to do they’re shows. I’m greatful and love the FREE podcast but nobody wants to hear about politics on a comic podcast.

  5. Squirrel Girl for sure, it’s time for her to be come a proper hero. As for the rest, I thinking Spider-Man, Iron man, Wolverine, and Deadpool; all people who have dealt with Squirrel Girl at one time or another.

    Why yes, I am a huge Squirrel Girl fan, why do you ask?

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