35 thoughts on “Laser Time – Time Travelin’

  1. Thought I would check one more time before going to sleep, glad I did!
    Also I made sure to see Looper in preparation for this.

  2. I love time travel! Seriously it’s one of my favorite things to ponder, one of my favorite plot devices (that and alternate dimensions).

    Very much looking forward to this episode!

    Oh and love the Flight of the Navigator ship on the pano. Chris, you lovable bastard you.

      1. Man, you should’ve replied with “Glad to oblige.”

        When I was young, I watched that movie so many times I could say everyone’s lines along with them.

  3. 1) I haven’t seen looper yet…are there spoilers?

    2) My clock says it’s 1:28, but the above time stamps say 3:02… are you guys commenting from the future?!

  4. I saw Looper on Saturday (partially cause Chris teased that it would be discussed) and while I won’t spoil anything but I agree that the sex scene you mentioned was completely out of place and unnecessary.

    1. Nah, it made sense: Emily Blunt’s character wanted to fuck Joe. Nothing more, nothing less. She was just horny. The first shot you see of her in the film is her faking smoking, even. They allude to that aspect of her.

      And they didn’t fall in love. Joe just wasn’t a complete bastard. I thought it was done well and honestly.

  5. completely handing it to your audible sponsorship ramble –
    It is also one of my favourites (and oddly enough, I found out it was also my grandmother’s).
    Ethan Hawke, not so much…. sadface.

  6. Interesting to note that Tylers story of time travel is the most practical. If you sent a probe out far enough from Earth, you can receive the light that’s bounced off of the Earth, meaning you could see into the past. The farther the probe, the farther back in time it can see.

  7. I actually just saw Timecop the other day. Van Damme does save his wife by telling her more or less what happens, and thus ensuring her a long and happy life of watching Van Damme do the splits on or around various objects.

  8. you know i’m loving that flight of the navigator music. especially the song during the break.
    that music haunted me for so long on early eps of tdar, cause i didn’t know what it was.
    it’s SO 80’s, it makes my heart cry with nostalgia X3
    hell dude… i’m loving ALL the music in this ep
    you guys came back in with 12 monkeys music YES!


    by the way… my comic book series Goblyn is about time travel.
    jus’ sayin

  9. Surprised you guys didn’t talk about videogames such as time splitters, prince of persia or the coming soon Bioshock infinite

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