37 thoughts on “Laser Time – Southern Illin’!

  1. Oooh! this is bound to be good… Wonder what kind of skeletons will be uncovered from Brett’s closet…

  2. Booo urns, laser time! I need a real work schedule now so I have time to listen to these straight through instead of taking a week to get through them :/

  3. shitty shit shit! poopy poop poo!
    i had no idea how that national lampoons vacation music fit in…
    then i remembered where they were from.C:
    love this episode.

  4. I held in laughter so hard while listening to this that I cried, leading my Civics teacher to ask me what part of the assignment I was working on was making me cry.

  5. I must’ve looked like a nutjob at work, because all my coworkers could see was me, red-faced, doubling over with laughter every two minutes while listening to this.

  6. Between the constant discussion of MST3K, Godzilla, The Simpsons, Marvel comics, vidya gaems, 80s/90s nostalgia, film nerdiness, Japan crap, and now an episode apparently dedicated to Southern Illinois (where I grew up and currently live), I’m convinced more than ever that this show was designed just for me. I know I’ve said it before, but you guys are the best friends I’ve ever had that I’ve never actually met.

  7. This was the second gloriously reminiscent of tdar episode in a row. You guys are on a roll! If there’s one thing I would add, it’d be more community interaction on the show, like the question of the week with Tdar and Cape Crisis, because that always leads to hilarity and awesomeness, not to mention fan arts! Or you could read comments on air or something. You guys are awesome, and by the way, I’m so jealous of your guys’ childhoods. I’m 17 and grew up in Toronto, I’ve grown up in a city and with internet, I envy the boredom you guys had growing up. It led to doing awesome shit.

    1. I agree, community interaction is great. Also, i dont know how many listeners this show has but last time i heard it didnt have a lot, or so chris says. If thats the case this show needs/deserves a new influx of listeners maybe if chris and brett start a capcast they can subtly plug LT to get some in. I always plug LT whenever i can.

  8. Please do a follow-up where you track down this Brian guy. A good 50% of the laughs involved him and the dude sounds hilarious.

  9. This episode was awesome!! It really did feel like an old Tdar second segment where you guys go off on a random tangent. That really is where all the best parts of the show came from.
    Also you need to do another Alien/Ghost stories episode in time for Halloween!!!

  10. I was absolutely not expecting this episode to be so good.You guys are always great, but every now and then, we get an episode that turns it up past 11. Best parts were the mashed up strawberry and pine needles and Brett cutting off that kid in the van:
    “Hey, you getting some-”

  11. A podcast hasn’t made me laugh this hard in a while. It’s good to know that other people pulled the same kind of teenage shithead shenanigans that my friends and I pulled. I think it really did have something to do with growing up in the middle of nowhere. When you live in rural Montana, you have to get creative to keep from getting bored.

    Great episode you guys

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