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          1. For me it wasn’t so much the movie being overrated that made it annoying but all of my non-gamer/geeky friends seeing it and then for the next month going HAY DO YOU KNOW WAT VIDYA GAMES ARE BECAUSE THEY ARE SO COOL SUCH A GAMUR NERD LOLOLOLXD!!!1. I watched it much later and kept pointing out references and nods to other games in the movie and they didn’t have any clue what I was talking about.

      1. I really, really hope you genuinely don’t know who “C.Ant” is! That would be such an ironic thing to ask for! 😛

  1. If Edgar Wright just cut the entire story from Scott Pilgrim and had the amazing fights and style, it would be great. It’s just that that whole Bryan Lee O’Malley thing about making a complete asshat a main character.

  2. And as long as I’m being contrarian, 90% of the 80s movies you guys bring up are pretty goddamn bad if you don’t have nostalgia for them, I’m a centrist independent, think natural selection should be brought back, and your favorite band sucks.

    Gauntlet. Thrown.

    Oh, and I really liked Stranglehold.

  3. Budget
    $60,000,000 (estimated)
    (plus marketting)


    And that’s why Scott Pilgrim could NEVER be described as ‘overrated’.

    Tyler’s problems with Anchorman seem to stem from the fact that there’s little connective cohesiveness – simply a series of funny scenes or lines. May I ask what he thinks of This is Spinal Tap? Or Airplane?

    I’m not a huge Anchorman, but I disagree with his criticism!

    (That is, if he reads the comments.)

  4. I should point out that I did enjoy this episode, I enjoy critical discussion, and I don’t have many podcasts that deal with that in film! Good work fellas.

    I do hate the term ‘overrated’ though. If someone thinks something is ‘overrated’, what they are basically saying is ‘everyone’s opinion about this thing is WRONG except mine. That thing you enjoyed? You should ACTUALLY think it’s shit. That’s a FACT.’

  5. You guys liked stepbrothers??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Attack the block was overrated… by you guys.

  6. Anchorman is still awesome, no wonder people were so hype when they announced a sequel. This coming from someone who used to think it was overrated but on 2nd viewing, it’s comedy gold

  7. Tyler you hipster D-bag! I’d understand if you didn’t like the jokes in Anchorman, or the actors or the Snorg-Tees shirts or whatever, but THE PLOT? really? that thing that nobody watching a comedy, and nobody MAKING a comedy movie, is ever paying attention to?

    And the Hangover is great- there’s parts I don’t like aswel, but overall it’s a great movie and a fun idea.

  8. Thank you Brett for having the balls to say Blade Runner is overrated, I totally agree.
    As for Anchorman… Chris thought Talledega Nights was bad the first time too…

  9. I wouldnt say that Scot Pilgrim was totally overrated, but I will say that it was more typical than people make it out to be. And it did pander primarily to the older video gamers. 8-bit sprites and chip tunes are what a, typical, video game movie would use, and that’s what Scot Pilgrim was.

    I still appreciate the movie and all the nostalgia that it would bring up if I were 35-40.

  10. Suppressing the rage that Attack the Block or Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was declared overrated. ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!

    Nah, its fine but Attack the Block was one of my favorite film last year, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was one of my favorite film back in 2010. Edgar Wright can really do no wrong.

    Surprised you guys didn’t talk about The Dark Knight Rises considering that it was a film that was both critically and commercially liked (probably not as much as The Dark Knight) but was picked apart by you guys back in the July Cape Crisis podcast. Also, TDKR is another film I loved.

    1. Sometimes, I feel that way.

      I enjoy the Star Wars movies (the original three) but I don’t understand the mass following. Its why I didn’t have a reaction to a new Star Wars movie in 2015.

  11. CRASH! What a pandering, overrated piece of junk. It was 1 on the top 100 of IMDB for a long time. Unbelievable.

    1. lol in fairness, NOBODY likes Crash. Only the geezers in the Academy gave that piece of shit “film” the award for best picture due to the complaints from the ACLU.

      Anchorman is the Family Guy of movies. It’s quoted by college douchebags who can never get a job after graduation (if they graduate that is).

      I don’t know why there were some surprised by how shitty Cloud Atlas is. Anything with the stench of the Wachowski “siblings” is bound to suck any good will a film may have without.

      I also can’t believe I actually liked The Avengers, but just like the sucker I am I only had the midnight screening reactions burned into my mind. Now that I see it on Blu Ray and really see the film for what it is: an empty, brainless, cheese-fest with the same cringe worthy Joss Whedon dialogue that made Buffy and Angel droll, shitty shows. Honestly, fuck that movie.

  12. Temple more iconic than Raiders? Let’s ask Don Logan what he thinks.

    No no no no no no no no no!
    No no no no no no no no no!
    No no no no no no no no no!
    No no no no no no no no no!
    No no no no no no no no no!
    No no no no no no no no no!

  13. I love you guys. Seriously. But I gotta say this. Just for the discourse, and nothing personal.

    But seriously Temple of Doom is hands down the worst of the trilogy (Crystal Skull is not counted). Until I saw how good Last Crusade was, I’d actually hoped they’d let it die after Temple. Kate Capshaw was horrible and annoying, beyond any redeeming sexual attraction. Short Round was practically the blueprint for Jar Jar Binks. Almost none of the action set pieces in ToD felt plausible at all. Once you see early in the film that three people can safely fall from an aircraft in a rubber raft without injury, the movie has shown there are no consequences to the action. And it goes downhill from there. There was nothing remotely as silly in the first film. They barely belong in the same universe.

    But I’m guessing it’s also a generational thing. I saw Raiders in the theater, and I remember that stretch of several years when it was the only film of the franchise, expecting the next one to at least somewhat follow the tone of the first. But what was supposed to be the “darker” of the films actually became way more slapstick and goofy. Even as a kid I was really let down by ToD. If I’d instead seen it at the age I’d seen Raiders, who knows… nah it would still suck.

  14. About straight men in Anchorman; all the characters are kind of straight men to each other. There’s Brick, who EVERYBODY thinks is an idiot, and Veronica, who is a straight man to everybody (most of the time), but pretty much everybody else comes down on everybody, either by playing more understated comic foil roles or straight up calling each other on their shit when they fuck up and act like total ritards. It’s like a pachinko machine of idiocy, that ends in the incredible topper of Max talking to a bear.

    And yeah, college idiots kind of ruined it in a way, but there’s still a lot more going on in that movie than either that kind of idiot can either recognize and truly understand, or at least appreciate. And that widespread appreciation definitely paved the way for more R-rated comedies, as you said, Chris. Which I like.

    I’m gonna watch Step Brothers and The Hangover now on your guys’ recommendation, I never got around to them.

  15. Great episode, I totally agree about Scott Pilgrim (which may not be overrated worldwide/critically but it certainly is among my age group)

  16. I died a little inside when I heard Blade Runner and Scott Pilgrim on this list. My all-time favorite movie and my favorite movie of 2010, respectively.

    Regarding Blade Runner, I tend to view the movie and the book as separate entities, like I do with all movies based off of books. It’s true that Blade Runner takes things in a different direction than “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, but as a standalone movie – phenomenal!

  17. I’ve tried watching Mr Show several times over several years, and it always fails to interest me. I hear so many people say that it’s so good, people who I agree with on lots of other comedy, but I just dislike Mr Show, and have always thought it was overrated.

    Attack the Block definitely didn’t add up to the greatness that people have ascribed to it. Inception was too much like a video game, especially the shootout at the end, and I think it might have actually been better as a game.

  18. I love you guys, you are great, but Scott Pilgrim is an entertaining film. I love it. My Aunt, who has never played a video game and never payed attention to them, loves the movie as well. She gets none of the references, and still likes it. But hey, nobody likes everything.

    1. Oh, wait, I also liked the King’s Speech quite a bit. I thought it was a very interesting character study. Then again, I’m not an expert on film and I’m probably wrong. Still, I liked it.

  19. Hey Chris: what was that song during the mid-show break? I believe it was after talking about that Lincoln movie.

  20. Saying that Blade Runner is nothing like the book is apples and oranges. For the record, Philip K. Dick saw some of the movie while it was in production before his death and liked it.

    Also, the name of the corporation is Tyrell.

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