24 thoughts on “Laser Time – NES Death Quiz

  1. Whooo! After a day long marathon of Star Wars, I can look forward to a sweet sweet lullaby of Lasertime to close me out!

    the shop isn’t making a profit cause you guys aren’t making shirts on a regular basis.
    those shirts in the shop are boring as fok!
    so… i’ll make a bunch of shirt designs and stuff for free
    and i will post them in the forums, and you will use them on something like redbubble to make tshirts and stickers and stop half assin’ the store and expecting us to buy the nothing stuff that is currently in the store. you want people to spend money in yer shop, you gotta put some effort in it mang.

    i think we should ALL submit art to the forums to be made into shirts for the shop.

    1. I’d love to buy stuff from the store but I have major problems buying clothing online. I’m kind of between a medium and a small so I’m never sure what fits me. What I would like to buy are stickers, keychains, temporary tatoos, anklets, posters, Fatheads, bath towels, toilet paper, shower curtains, PVC figurines of the crew, wallets, and maybe a car like the black ops jeep but instead it would be the laser time corvette.

    2. I firmly agree with you. It’s just something we haven’t had much time to pull off. If you putcha ya money where ya mouth is, so will I 😉

  3. Hi Lads

    I loved the episode. Let me give you some German insides.
    If you are looking for a German architectural identity you will have a Problem. Take the tiny village I was born in, almost 1200 years old less then 3 miles from the French border. Its composed of centuries old buildings that survived the 4 or 5 wars in the last 200 years alone and the houses build in the sixties and later.
    Your perception that german women are particularly fund of their body hair is due to the fact that you watch to much german porn form the 70s.
    Bringing up Nazis in conversations with Germans is not a problem. It is a sensitive topic but due to the fact that the people involved are find themselves more and more underground it has become more fashionable to take a lighter approach to the madness that happend. I guess it is one way to cope with the fact that your grandparents committed crimes against humanity. For example here is one of the better Hitler mocks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A0RCDGhDqk .
    Music wise I totally agree . Electronic music is fine on the radio but the rest is total crap. And so is German television. Spending almost a decade in the UK opened my eyes to the possibility that public broadcast is not inherently shit. Just the German version is.
    And no the Brits still use Miles as the last surviver of the imperial system.
    Coming to the leaderhosen thing. It is a Bavaria specific thing. So it is a funny and alienating for me as it is to you. The same is having bear in a Stein and the Oktoberfest, which is bavarian too. Where I am from we are more into carnival as public drinking occasion. Playing dress up in February with enough alcohol to overcome the temperatures. Not less embarrassing as the Lederhosen thing and but more fun.
    The whole Germans running around naked all the time might be a stereotype but I have to say compared to the Brits the amount of nudist that you can find in Germany especially in the former communist part is way bigger. Over there they love showing of their bits on the beach. But one of my of my best friend, one of your country man was totally shock that in Germany most saunas a mixed gender saunas.
    Oh and before I forget it a graduate that starts working for a car manufacturer in Germany will make about 57k$ a year. So no, Germans don’t come cheap. Neither due their cars.

    Again nice episode

  4. Jeremy Piven is a grade-A crotch.

    My best friend was earning his dues waiting tables in NYC on a night Piven and a bunch of friends came in, behaved like drunken louts, ran up a large tab of dinner and round after round of drinks, then stuck the waiter with a DVD set of Entourage as the tip.

    Said waiter (not my buddy, who was watching this unfold with utter disbelief) chased him into the street, giving not a fuck about his continued employment and loudly asking what was wrong with the service for him to get “shafted with this shitty tip.” He then threw the DVD set at an awkwardly dumbstruck Piven, who seemed genuinely surprised that this was an affront to the man, and they all just left the unwanted DVDs in the street as they departed.

    The man is a bag of douche.

  5. I took German in University after a solid 12 years of French and now I can only speak a jumble of the two.

    I will never forget this though: Ich gehe ins kino.

  6. I wanna go to the Porsche factory and drive 911s! Why don’t I get to do that? Very jealous, Grimm, very jealous indeed.

  7. Oh wow, when I heard the Kickle Cubicle death sound I was like no one is gonna get it, but then Brett did and I was so happy. I love that game and still own the cart for the NES. 🙂

  8. Sounds like a great episode, will be fun trying to not laugh on the bus in the morning while listening to this

  9. Fantastic episode, loved the variation. Made it feel like two episodes for the price of one… although they’re free anyway but you get the point…

  10. Not sure how much you’d care but we use miles in the UK. Everyone uses miles for travel distances and pints in the pub but in maths or just about anything else we use metric. Old people use Imperial, some old Lord said we should go full metric for the olympics so as not to confuse foreigners http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-18083345

  11. I usually abhor quizzes on the show, but this was surprisingly engaging and fun. (The BS Illinois quiz was the only episode of LT where I scrubbed ahead, though the personal stories were golden.)

    Can’t believe I got Battletoads before Brett!

    Also, hearing forum comments in the previous Disney/Star Wars episode was incredibly refreshing. Listener interaction is part of what I love about other podcasts. It’s typically stupid fun, opens up new conversation tangents (of which this show seems increasingly in need of), and just makes a show feel more friendly.

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