11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #33 – Podcast NOW!

  1. Early?! Freaking A! Thank you Cape Crisis crew, appreciate all the effort to provide top notch podcast entertainment (free of charge no less).

  2. Marvel Vs DC? Oh god guys, if you go off on a fanboy rant and say things like “Marvel doesn’t reboot” even after publishing 10,723 issue No. 1s of Spider-Man alone again I swear to god…

    Also, haven’t heard yet but PLEASE continue not spoiling The Walking Dead (comic)! I’m only about issue 30! 🙂

  3. These have been getting better and better! I’m kinda ashamed how surprised I am at the long run of amazing episodes.

  4. I just started reading from the big 2 with the new 52 and had zero difficulty at all jumping into anything.

    Marvel Now by comparison relies completely on avengers vs x-men for their new status quo which is turning me off totally to that. Which is why I only read from their fringe series like Hawkeye and Deadpool which don’t rely on anything else but themselves.

  5. I know I rarely comment on the ‘casts mainly due to the fact I usually only have “enjoyed it” or “nice work” to contribute but I honestly cant believe people were in such a fuss over last weeks C.C. The election was on the majority of peoples minds (seeing as it had just happened) so I saw no problem with the discussion of it. Listeners need to quit getting so butthurt over the content of an episode. Just enjoy it or don’t listen.

  6. Really enjoyed the show this week. Except for getting the walking dead spoiled for me, only on issue 50 because I finally got the 2nd compendium

  7. loved the show but only thing that jumped out at me was when you said there is no existing good yearly franchises. The marvel universe has at least one movie a year and has for the past couple of years.

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