28 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Worst Live-Action Cartoons

  1. Wow what great timing, just finished up the jingle episode. From the episode cover art I feel I should be wearing my recently purchased ninja turtle pajama pants

  2. I’m going to go ahead and guess Chris will lose his shit over the Smurfs. That sounds like a thing that would happen.

  3. This maybe the perfect laser time topic, it has 90’s nostalgia, cartoons, there will probably be some simpsons talk and if we’re lucky vidja games.

  4. Just occurred to me. This has more to do with last weeks podcast. Someone out there’s gotta post a video with all the boardgame commercials “I WIN!” kids in succession 😀

  5. that stupid face that leonardo is making is why i luv him. look at it, gaze upon his steadfast countenance.

  6. Excellent episode, looking forward to the next. Hoping for Popeye and Masters of the Universe.

    Also, never noticed that the Chipmunks were promising “to bring you action… and satisfaction”!

  7. The speed racer movie is tragically underrated. The visuals are awesome and it’s one of the most truest translations of a cartoon; amazing visuals and terrible script included!

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