See The Best Cartoon Christmas Specials of All Time!

Check out the highest-rated animated Xmas specials according to A Cartoon Christmas right here!

overin’ classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas with custom made imagery!

As many of you know, I’ve spent the last three years posting nearly unreadable drivel on cartoon Christmas specials each day in December leading up to Christmas Day. That’s one special a day, for 25 days. A Cartoon Christmas: An Animated Advent Calendar, get it?!

80s carp like Christmas Comes to Pac-Land also gets its due

We kicked things off today with Disney’s Prep & Landing, a new classic IMO, however, we’ve also put together a list of nearly 20 specials that scored the highest according to our barely-serious Xmas Spirit scale. Click here and decide whether we are just, or just assholes!

90s obscurities like Darkwing Duck are also there!

What makes this year different is that we have a ton of Laser Timers pitching in to help out, so I wanted to take a second to pimp the really hard work we’re all doing purely out of our love of cartoons and the Holiday Spirit. And if I may, here’s some teaser hints at what’s in store this year:

Newer Xmas ‘sodes, like Adventure Time have place too! Click to enlarge

-I thought you were Jewish?
-Should someone with a record for the highest body count be allowed to have an Xmas special?
-Christmas before Christ!
-Your species is not a verb!
-Perhaps you should’ve stayed in books.
-This animated special is for Mature Audiences!
-Shouldn’t you be fighting crime?
-From the Vampire Hall of Fame!

Feel free to guess in the comments below. Pray that we can follow through on all these teases… So anyhoo, I think many of you would really like A Cartoon Christmas and I’d really appreciate it if you’d check it out!

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