Cape Crisis #37 – Sinister Plans

It’s a show packed with guests to talk about Gail Simone’s exit from Batgirl, a number of awesome looking new trailers, and the introduction of a new weekly feature…











Cape Crisis #37 Question: Who do you want to see in the Super Spotlight?

17 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #37 – Sinister Plans

  1. Henry, stop pronouncing Banana Man as “Barnarna Maaarn”, I have never heard anyone in the UK pronounce MAN any other way than just MAN…

    …great episode anyway haha!

  2. You guys kinda skimmed over Mr. Sinister’s current involvement with the X-Men, where he was doing some really awesome stuff in Gillen’s Uncanny X-Men, it was just before and during Avengers vs X-Men I believe.
    In the future I would maybe do a little more planning for the new segment, otherwise it’s a good idea.

  3. Hank, I shared your squeeing reaction to the Pacific Rim trailer. That shit looks fucking amazing. And Super Spotlight is a good idea.

  4. Man of steel. Awesome trailer and the movie is gonna be amazing. I can’t wait for you DC hating clowns to hear the word and kneel before ZOD bitches. Love the show still unfortunately.

  5. Whenever you get around to finding “the definitive Rom monologue” make sure to mention that time he tricked Galactus into eating a sun made of black magic.

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