21 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Worst Christmas Specials Ever Made

  1. Nothing gets me into the Christmas spirit like listening to Chris talk about cartoon Christmas specials! Any chance you guys will do a part two to last year’s Christmas special music episode before Christmas? I loved that one.

    1. I had just assumed everyone hated that one, since you might very well be the first to give me feedback of any kind. My heart swells… but no, no Xmas music sequel 🙁

  2. I am so excited to hear more of Henry’s Skeletor impression. A single “Myaah” from months ago forever lingers in my mind.

  3. traveller foreign person here – you guys got the dutch tradition right – its called Sinterklaas (after Saint Nicholas etc) – and for some reason, he’s Spanish and spreads xmas cheer via Spanish Armada and ‘Zwarte Pietje’s’ (Black Peters). He tosses ginger cookies at the crowd during processions on the street and he wears the original bishop-y outfit and rides a white horse. It is essential and crucial that the horse be white and the cookies be gingery.

    In Italy there is an extra awesome feast that happens after christmas (but within the calendar of Decembery festivalness I guess) called the ‘Befana’. She is a haggy old witch who rides around on a broomstick and gives good kids candy and bad kids coal… hmmmm.

    In spain, the xmas season ends officially after the Three Kings festival which for some reason happen a few days after new year. they’re also a sort of Santa figure cause they give kids presents by leaving gifts in their shoes….

    and of course there’s some of us who party for months on end cause Chinese New Year is a few weeks after so the party never stops.

  4. Sweet!

    I am curious though, do you guys plan to talk about the Hobbit, watched it twice already on the weekend, loved it, but I’m curious to see what you guys thought about it. Perhaps in the next cape crisis…?

  5. Interesting choice of topic. I’m sure you guys could still make another cast of the few other good christmas specials you didn’t talk about but seeing whats at the opposite of the spectrum is interesting O.O

  6. Really looking forward to diving into this tomorrow. I wish I could start feeling Christmasy, but school doesn’t end for me until the 21st T.T

  7. true a hobbit related episode would be awsome.
    this is turning into my Christmas tradition. spending the holidays with tyler, chris, henry, brelston and the gang..(if they get all togeather. 🙂

    thanks guys keep it up.

  8. WHAT?! screw you guys not liking GIJOE! you can take your transformers and ride em to hell!
    seriously. I was a military brat when GIJOE came out, so soldiers fighting, it made perfect sense to me. but robots that turn into guns, radios, cars, and planes?! GET THAT SHIT RIGHT OUTTA’ TOWN!
    i just… just BAH!
    *throws hands up and leaves*

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