23 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Manliest Xmas Movies

    1. Oh my God, you’re RIGHT! Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is an excellent non-Xmas movie! It’s dripping with Holiday trimmings, but punctuated with murder, pubic hair and a hilarious scene involving date rape. Again, EVERYONE WATCH KISS KISS BANG BANG!

      I’m also incredibly distraught I left out The Karate Kid. Just watched it recently, and had completely forgotten that the All Valley Karate Finals took place on December 19th, right underneath a bunch of Christmas decorations! On Netflix, just sayin….

  1. Holy shit! My family does the grape thing for new years too. Ive always wondered about the tradition. But my family is Mexican so I don’t know why they do it lol

  2. i do the 12 grapes thing cause of the whole spanish thing, then wait for more presents on 3 kings day.

    we also do the having 12 types of round fruit in the house, which apparently is a chinese or some sort of asian thing – so is wearing things with circles, like earrings or polka dots.
    no idea – its interesting coming from an international household, you get fat really quick when you celebrate everyone’s traditions. Oh and you have to have a noodle dish somewhere to symbolise long life.

    but chinese new year is coming up too – red envelope and loads of foodies!!!!

  3. Hey lasertime if I use your amazon link and set that as my bookmark for amazon does that still work or do I need to go through your lasertimepodcast.com site every time?. I buy a gratuitous amount of shit from Amazon and I always feel bad when I forget that I can do it through you to help.

  4. Is there a link to the Hulk Hogan gremlins 2 remix song that plays during the return after the first commercial break?

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