10 thoughts on “Cape Crisis – 2012 Year in Review

    just as i was getting sad because CC hadn’t been around during the holidays.

  2. Thanks a bunch for this year and the ones that will surely come! Not only have you inspired me to read more comics but that has also inspired me to start drawing again, something I hadn’t really done in years. Also they’ve become a gateway for me to relearn and hopefully become better than I once was at french, also something I hadn’t really practiced for years.
    Comic books! They can teach you shit if you want to!

    My two favorite releases for the year was probably The Manhattan Projects by Hickman and Nao of Brown by a Glyn Dillon.
    I found Manhattan Projects to be especially hillarious as an engineering student and a fan of Feynmans self biography as well as of the other characters of that general era of semi modern science. When the greatest minds of their generation was tasked by their respective nationalities to create the deadliest weapons possible. Way funnier in comic book form than it was in reality must assume. Wanna see Oppenheimer eat brains to learn the secrets of his enemies while Einstein drinks his sorrows away in front of a portal to a parallel universe he can’t open while Roosevelt is turned into a 40’s computational intelligence. This is for you then.

    Nao of Brown is about a girl with obsessive thoughts of violence she fear will one day become more than just sick thoughts. The art is beautiful and the writing is allright. I kinda wish Nao wasn’t so cute. It probably has my favorite comic book page ever, just because the layout is pretty.

    (I also read some cape stuff. Can’t wait to pick up the Hawkeye trade early next year. Scarlet Spider is edgy but alright. Dock Ock as Spidey could be interesting. Don’t read much DC, their animated flicks are mostly amazing though. I got up Bruce Timms drawn softcore porn collection, thats almost a DC thing. Will not read more Ultimate Marvel (except maybe Spectacular Miles Man), felt like they were going places at beginning of last year but no. Nooo.)

  3. By golden Galador! Just when I’d all but given up on getting my Cape Crisis fix this holiday season. Can’t be happier.

  4. Since you touched on The Hobbit, I saw it with 36 FPS… so the middle ground I guess but it looked normal IE not the made for TV shiteo I’ve heard so much about. Do see it for the first time NOT in 48.

    I really liked The Hobbit BTW. Pacing problems sure but delightfully fantastical and likeable characters (the ones you know at least). I think individually these Hobbit films being better as a trilogy rather than LOTR which can stand by themselves.

  5. Nice thanks for the Holiday episode here guys. In answer to your question of the week, I can’t decide between the incredibly fun Adventure Time book that Boom is doing with Ryan North, and a bunch of different creators doing very cool backups, or the magical Saga from BKV and Fiona Staples.

    Either way those are both worth checking out and I definitely agree about Fatale being amazing as well Henry.

  6. I still don’t get why killing off a well liked character is anything but a trite cliche, I guess the “innovative” thing about it is how gruesomely the character is killed off if that’s the case then I guess every gore snuff movie is high art. I heard the praises song of Walking Dead for years by people who I really trust and respect but when I started reading it all I could see was a very cruel cynical book written by a sadist. Humans are the real monsters in this zombie tale? Holy hell what a completely original statement!

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