17 thoughts on “This new Anamanaguchi video is pure joy

  1. I’ve loved everything Anamanaguchi has done so far (ESPECIALLY the SP game soundtrack) but not really this. The titular “meow” noise is annoying and the rest of the melody was to simplistic or just drawn out chords as if someone were singing over it. (PLEASE NEVER have anyone sing over an Anamanaguchi song). Floo

  2. YESSSS! I’ve been waiting so long for this! Ever since they played “Space Wax America” I’ve been checking the internet daily for news on the new album! I can’t freaking wait for Endless Fantasy! THIS IS AWESOME 😀 (favourite band, introduced through TalkRadar in 2008 :D)

  3. I gotta be honest. I didn’t like it. And I love Anamanaguchi.

    The video was better than the song at least.

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