Cape Crisis #38 – The Superior Family

Holy effing ess Batman, Cape Crisis returns from the holidays with a heaping helping of comic podcast for your listening ears! This week we talk holiday reading, Death of the Family, new Spider-Men, and the year ahead of us…











Cape Crisis #39 Question: What status quo change made you the angriest?

12 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #38 – The Superior Family

  1. XD that who’s the boss joke was a slow burn, but really off the cuff funny.
    oh mah gawd shoot me with a musket gun! are you guys STILL going on about the big bang theory?! that show has one season left at the MOST. and you don’t watch it. WHY ARE YOU STILL LETTING IT GET TO YOOOOOU?! D:
    lets all go watch reruns of SPACED and call it a night!

  2. Great episode guys, I was getting withdrawal symptoms when I thought I’d have to wait another week. Anyone got the name of that Big Bang Theory article they were talking about? Sounds interesting.

    Also I’m pretty sure Chris called the Joker “the yogurt” at one point and nobody caught it.

  3. Thank you again for bashing the Big Bang Theory. My friend watched an episode the ”NERD!!!” yell from Revenge of the Nerds every time there was ”nerdy” ”joke”.

    1. Ok, proper sentences this time. My friend and I watched one episode of that horrible show, and had the ”NERD” yell play over every supposed joke in the show. Still barely enjoyable.

  4. Young Justice is really worth watching. It’s all the stuff that’s great about the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, but with an even bigger animation budget. Also, fantastic episode.

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