33 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Death of DVD

  1. Awesome, new Laser Time!

    Although, I have to say, it’s a little weird that you can buy DVD’s in the sidebar of this article lol.

  2. Sweet holy shit, the idea of watching movies via Skylanders style figurines is fucking incredible. Like, I’m actually mad right now, because that isn’t a thing.

  3. Man, I grew up with DVD’s and there almost dead,
    Is this how you guys felt when 8-track vinyl floppy cards died?

  4. Kinda funny this goes out on the same day HMV (one of the last holdouts of physical media in the UK and Ireland) announces that it’s closing.

    Anyway, can’t wait to listen.

    1. I was about to post the same thing, big coincidence.

      Anyway, this was a fantastic episode, loved the end with the good old “Arnie” quotes.

  5. I love Commentaries. futurama DVD sets were fun for me just listening to the writers ramble about how they came up with blurnsday and such.

    But the DVDs after comedy Central bought them has nothing in them

  6. dear Mikel, you get an anti Wikiparaz correction for being wrong about the Star Wars laser discs.
    they definitely are widescreen. I have dvd transferred copies from them and they are GLORIOUSLY widescreen. C:
    some of my favourite commentary: any venture bros dvd, and the invader zim dvds.
    my least favorite commentary: the exorcist.

    great episode.

    1. Anime… Your argument was immediately invalid when you used that word.

      When VHS tapes were being sold for $5 a piece at Truck Stops, they were a dying medium. Guess what you can buy at Truck Stops for $5 now? I’m not saying that’s the primary sign of a dying entertainment medium, but you’re an idiot if you deny it’s on it’s last leg.

  7. I remember that the first DVD I bought was The Matrix in 1999. Yikes. Looking at that DVD now, it’s so basic compared to what was coming out at the end.

  8. Chris, My PS3 did the same thing when trying to watch a bootleg movie. It was super weird, I wonder if this was part of their recent patent and if this could to games eventually.

  9. Nice show! DVDs are great, sadly I ran out of room for all my cases and had to strip them down and put them all into index labeled folders. I saved all the liners though For a long time I was capturing old or obscure movies off cable (stuff like Skiddoo and Neighbors.. Some of them are still hard to get other than bootlegs. Great to know there’s a read-only copy archived at least.

  10. That last season of venture bros wasnt that great, too much setup.
    Hoping the revenge society becomes a threat and Dr venture and especially Dean finally get some coolmoments

  11. Great show!

    Man I remember my DVD collection. I probably reached over 200 DVDs. Most of which have recently been traded in for amazon credit 😀

    But man, I remember I was 11. It was Christmas I got my first DVD player and Jurassic Park 3. So, so happy! Also, I have to admit I was one of THOSE people who HATED letterbox at first XD Oh man, Jurassic Park was full screen so I didn’t know it at the time, but when I popped in my widescreen versions of Star wars episode I and Rush Hour 2(My two favorite movies at the time), I literally broke down in tears!!! XD
    But soon aft- no, actually I kept buying full screen… come on, I was just a kid.There was no affordable wide screen tv. The black bars were annoying to anyone who didn’t know any better, especially my little kid self. Don’t worry though, I I never figured it out and buy full screen every chance I get 😀

    Commentaries!!!!! Oh yeah man commentaries were a treat. Not sure what my first one was. It could have been one of the 3 I mentioned but yeah. Haven’t bought movies in a while and almost every movie I rented didn’t include commentaries so I’ve been commentary-less for a few years now.

    Oh and Fight Club!!! Fight Club is a weird favorite of mine. Its weird because my sophomore self was flipping channels one night and changed it to HBO, right when the big revelation was revealed. I basically ruined the whole movie for myself, but it didn’t matter, because soon after I bought the DVD. Guess what, I must have watch that movie 15+ time in a row with all the different commentary, multiple times. That movie was great, but it consumed me.

    So yeah that’s my stories. Keep ’em commin’!

  12. Wow, Chris. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Brother Bear commentary track. It’s an in-character MST3K-style track with the 2 canadien moose. One of the only commentaries I’ve had to watch in two parts because I couldn’t breathe. A must-see for the next DVD discussion episode.

  13. In 98 or 99 I decided I must have a DVD player so I worked some silly mundane job and saved 300 bucks for a Toshiba player.. then immediately bought BLADE… and watched the shit out Stephen Dorff “act” and Wesley Snipes Blact. (Thats blade act not Black act, neither of which makes any sense)

    That one scene at the beginning where that porn star brings that unsuspected greaseball to a giant meat locker (that didnt seem like an odd place to go?) and they go all 99 ravetastic and BLOOOOD BATH!!! I remember cranking up my receiver and yelling at my friends “LISTEN TO THE FIDELITY!! YOU HEAR THAT BASS?”

    Now I’m all like, “whatever BLADE”

  14. Really enjoyed this episode it was pretty funny all around. I agree with Henry though and think that it is nice to see a physical collection on your shelves. I have quite the library but who knows if I can even stream some of them online. For example Netflix in Canada doesn’t offer Office Space, a movie I love. I can watch Thor, Iron Man and Captain America but not The Avengers on Netflix. Until this becomes more universal I’m going to keep buying the physical copies.

  15. Great episode. Think the first DVD that I owned like many people was The Matrix. It just seemed such a perfect fit for the format and I obsessed over the bonus features at the time

  16. Fave DVD commentary? Resident Evil. Producer, Director, talking about themes for the movie, references to the games, setting up different shots… Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez? Two giggling 16 year old girls who got to stay up all night because they’re at an anime convention. And pointing out when you can see their boobies.

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