Cape Crisis #41 – Ms. Jimmy Olsen?

We talk ultimate spiders, Jimmy Olsen’s gender, the potential Judaism of some heroes, and even some non-super comics in this week’s pulse-pounding show…











Cape Crisis #41 Question: What comic book weapon do you wish you had?

15 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #41 – Ms. Jimmy Olsen?

  1. I’ve heard that Jimmy was originally a man, then Snyder changed his mind and redid the scenes with Jenny Olsen, and the anyway we’ll see Jimmy as a man is if we trick Zack Snyder into saying his name backwards.

  2. I just received the first three trades of Locke and Key, Scalped, and two of Fatale (which I bought on Amazon through you guys) solely based on the recommendations of Cape Crisis. I’ve got my fingers crossed I enjoy them as much as you guys did, because that cost a chunk of change.

  3. Gotta agree with Chris, I was recently reading Ultimate Spider-Man and got super confused just like he did. I ended up going to my local comic shop to find the missing issues since I couldn’t find them online.

  4. No clue if you look at the comments Henry, but I just wanted to recommend Moon Knight for the superhero spotlight. He’s not really famous but not too obscure.

  5. love how you guys mention jimmy olsen is a girl and dont discuss it. and your cover for this podcast is jimmy olsen. you guys are worse than a comic book cover.

  6. Is it a cop out to say Iron man’s armor? I know everyone say’s *man i want that armor” but seriously, you can fly, kick ass, have some super strength, and ultimately yell at Siri to fish whatever problem you’re facing.

  7. In so far as the question of the week goes, how ’bout Wonder Womans’ Lasso of Truth? If she just loaned that thing to the courts once a month it would cut through a lot of nonsense and the need for quite a number of lengthy, costly trials and prevent mis-trials of conviction losses due to lack of evidence.

    Now I’ve said this, it strikes me that the very fact that she doesn’t use it this way every now and then (coupled with the fat that I know little about WW beyond scraps of her origin story) leads me to believe that she’s a either a b***h or a bit dense.

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