Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #23

As always with advice given by our good friend Kuros, use it at your own risk.  However, in today’s electric issue of Ladies’ Knight with Kuros, you’ll be given some hot info that just might get you laid!  Or not.  Actually, probably don’t do it, as your mileage may vary.  You make the call.






6 thoughts on “Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #23

    1. Why do so many people not get the running joke? Kuros is in a bar, and is usually drunk. He actually never get’s Mikel’s name right, and there are several instances of the wikiparaz trying to correct him. GREAT! Now it’s not funny anymore.

      1. Either drunk or just doesn’t care to get Mikel’s name right. Either way, I think it’s part of the awesomeness that is Kuros.

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