Cheap Popcast #5 – Royal Stumble

The Cheap Popcast crew gathers to gab about their favorite Royal Rumble memories, and then present their thoughts on the fallout from the event and the next night’s Raw. Why watch the big game when you can hear some real men talk about real sports right here!



11 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #5 – Royal Stumble

  1. Glad Punk lost, he’s one of those champions who was weighed down by holding the title. Plus, almost all of his run was pretty boring to downright unwatchable (love triangle anyone?) His 2009 run was the best, berating the drugged out Jeff Hardy. Now he can move on to better things against Taker.

  2. That wrestling livestream you guys did was hilarious. Any chance you could do something something else like that? Great cast.

  3. Awesome episode. Also I wanted to say that Dave’s gotten a lot better at hosting, especially from the first episode of CP.

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