27 thoughts on “Laser Time – Inspiration, The Internet and You!

  1. I have to fly for 28 hours to SF from India today. I wonder how many times I’ll listen to this episode end to end. Probably 3 times.

  2. I couldn’t stop smiling ear to ear after you boys revealed “Vidja”. I must have looked like a real dumbo dangle to my coworkers.

  3. Wow, I’m just mesmerized by that cover photo. These doofus kids are “surfing” the “web”, correct? Where the hell did you find this?!

  4. chris… you said sparticus and the lost city of gold. which is a mash up of two different shows.
    Spartikus and the sun beneath the sea and Mysterious cities of gold.
    i loved both of those shows.

  5. As the internet’s only Jehovah’s Witness, I found that freaking Asian part HILARIOUS! As well as the rest of the episode! Keep up the great work! Actually my website I sunk the most time in was Newgrounds. When did all the great flash games games die? ):

  6. Really liked this episode. I prefer the loose, laid back conversations to the more topic-focused shows. Also new games podcast, awesome.

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