Feb 062013
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You’ve asked for it and here it is. WE’RE GONNA TALK ABOUT GAMES, Y’ALL!

The first episode of Vidjagame Apocalypse has arrived to make the Laser Time family a little more complete. Our debut features potty talk, sexy violence and severed torsos. What more could you really ask for? Host Mikel Reparaz is joined by co-host Anne Lewis and super special guests Chris Antista and Tyler Wilde. This is not your parents’ gaming podcast (if it is you have the coolest parents ever).


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  144 Responses to “Vidjagame Apocalypse- Lusting for Violence”

  1. Aww, yeah, been waiting for something like this. Plus anything with Mikel and Anne as a consistent presence is great by me.

  2. Woooo. Its about damn time

  3. That nes skull cartridge needs to be a t-shirts.

    • I second this. I would buy that shirt so hard.

      (BTW, speaking of shirts, I love my original Laser Time shirt. It’s so soft, that I wear it all the time. I just bought a Cape Crisis shirt and it’s scratchy as fuck. Is there any way we can get the American Apparel shirts again? I’d be willing to pay more for a nicer shirt…)

    • Fuck yeah!

  4. Stoked for this, I’ll grab it as soon as it hits the iTuneses.

  5. This makes me happier than it should.

  6. Oh. My. God. My prayers have been answered.

  7. Best present i ever received at 2:30 am


    I can’t even man…….

  9. omg. that intro. :’D

  10. So many manly tears.

    So many.

  11. i hope the tdar refugees come back
    this is great

  12. So happy right now

  13. 😀 hearing helix nebula opening the podcart and then hearing every one brought back happy memories of T-dar 😀 <3

  14. The intro!!! Awwwwesome!! Its been a while.

  15. Yessssss. So glad Anne is on this, was thinking recently she’s not been on a podcast in a while, and then she shows up on LT AND this! Huzzah!

    Is there any kind of feed for this yet? Got me some subscribin’ to do.

  16. It’s practically almost exactly just like old times nearly again one more time!!!

  17. Wow, that opening…got goosebumps


  19. It’s been a long time coming. While it may be a different show per se, TalkRadar could never truly be dead.

  20. It’s back!..It’s finally backkk T_T


  22. This has made me cry tears of pure joy

  23. Welcome back guys, good to hear your humor and wit back on videogames! WkiParaz rules!

  24. My life… It finally has purpose once more. BONSOIR, MON AMIE

  25. We need a question of the week!

  26. Been waiting sooo long for this, thank you. Really, thank you very much :)


  28. This is the most excited I’ve been to download a podcast since… well, Laser Time, actually. Seriously though, thanks for making this happen guys. I just started working my first “real” full time job this month as a design intern, and listening through this is easily going to be the highlight of my work week.

  29. Talkradar is dead, long live the spiritual successor to Talkradar

  30. I was like, “Cool. Game podcast.” Then I heard Helix Nebula and freaked out.

  31. Love the podcast! Especially the Gucci Mane opening

  32. I am so fucking happy!
    Also, is it purely coincidence that this ‘cast was released pretty much the same week TalkRadar ended, or was that planned?

  33. YES!

  34. ;__; that intro, you guys, I’m getting all emotional about this.

  35. Time to open the ears and tighten the sphincter! Its motherfucking Talk Time on this Laser!

  36. OH YOUR GOD! This is awesome!!

  37. omg i need that gucciman/anamana remix

  38. Just when I thought hte lasertime network podcasts couldn’t get any better, they go and pull something like this. Amazing news!!

  39. SWIZZEET!! Is there an RSS feed I can subscribe to?

  40. Finally, now I can hear Mikel Reparaz’ Beard screaming obscenities with regularity.

  41. Episode 199

  42. That intro brings tears to my eyes… :)

  43. Lawdy lawd, our prayers were answered.


  45. Hurray for the podcast and the opening returning 😀

  46. Wow I didnt even know how much I missed hearing Helix Nebulaaaaaaaa

  47. I found their RSS feed on Feedburner: http://feeds.feedburner.com/vidjagameapocalypse

  48. *Girlish squeal*

  49. is this on itunes yet? or are they slow as hell as all ways
    cant wait to listen but ill have to find a way to shove it on my apple phone

  50. I almost teared up when the Anamanguchi started :-0

  51. Lets make it past 198 this time. I’ll be with you all the way.

  52. THE GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Can you link to the podtrac feed? I can’t find it, and I’d rather just add it to my Zune rather than wait a week for the Marketplace to get its shit in order.

    It’s been too long. Laser Time was a good replacement for Talkradar, but this is the true successor.

  54. aaawww the return of our grorious reader!

  55. They never actually said that the Englishman was Ricky Gervais, did they? And if Mikel is going to Wikiparaz Chris for pronunciation, he needs to say Mononoke right, instead of Mananoke.

    It’s kind of weird having TalkRadar all split into separate shows, if you listen to all of them it’s like the old show, but individually they’re more low-key than the mix of pop culture and games and everything we used to get every Friday.

  56. wow… okay. i didn’t expect this explosion of responses in here. but sure… i’ll join in.

  57. That NESkull is fuckin tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! Front and center on a charcoal tee, please!


  59. Hell yeah, vidja gaems!

  60. you guys really have hit a new stride with this, Dat Intro.

  61. This is the WORST NAME FOR A PODCAST, OH GOD!!!

  62. All of my friends are going to be spammed this page until they listen and love it. The intro made me feel at home <3.

  63. Well, the Laser Time network now encompasses everything that’s awesome. Well done, gentlemen. Well motherfucking done.

  64. Yes! A new video game podcast featuring Wikiparez and Ms Anne Lewis! Perfection achieved!

  65. registerd and donated just so i can say THANK YOU GUYS any chance we can get some more nameing of pokemon? the four titted alien from total recall is my faviroute Miltank

  66. And now we have come full circle. Impressive that you could take and piece out all of the parts of the original Talkradar and have 5 full podcasts each week. Bravo, gentlemen.


  68. IT BEGINS!

  69. …Holy crap, it’s here!!!!!!!! 😀

    Fuck yeah guys! thank you so much for making this happen! HAVE ALL MY MONEY

  70. Jolly good
    i shall listen to this while waxing my mustache and stroking my golf club collection with polishing oil.

  71. When the music rolled, I almost cried.

  72. hahahaha look at all these comments!!!!
    I think this is a record.

    Well done guys – i haven’t even started listening and i know this is going to be great.

  73. Wow the intro and outro remix hit me right in the feels

  74. Totally awesome vidjagames!!!

  75. This podcast feels so good when it goes inside me. Thanks for sticking it in my holes!

  76. Chris, can you just drop this in the LT RSS feed until iTunes gets its act together? That way, we could download it onto our iDevices through the podcast app.

  77. I hope you integrate some sort of list in the podcast, preferably at the beginning

  78. I’ve taken psychology and sociology classes, and although I’m not an expert and date that we’ve looked at is in other mediums the general assumption for violent media is that it can increase violence in people with violent tenancies or in situations with socially accepted violence.

  79. Hopefully you guys willl be able to keep up with the new releases. I know it will be much harder to review games on the podcast when you aren’t reviewing games for a website/magazine as well. I hope there will always be someone on who has played the big release(s) of the week because I always put a lot of stock in what you guys have to say about a game.

    Thank you for doing this and I can’t describe how happy I was when I heard that intro. It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    Best of luck to ya mang.


  81. TALKRADA– I MEAN VIDJAGAME APOCALYPSE! Seriously, from the second I heard Helix Nebula I knew this would be epic. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to your fans. Love you guys.

    Also, if you make a t-shirt with the cartridge/skull logo and I’ll totally buy it.

  82. And low it was said that there would be a second coming…

    Been listening since TR episode 1 by the by.

  83. Ten seconds in and it feels so right. Everything you guys do is great, but honestly, it’s about damn time. Also Mikel isn’t on the other shows enough, so hey!

  84. Thank you guys, and welcome back.

    It been a long time since helix nebula sounded so fine, you put a big smile my face.

    LaserTime, VGMpire, CapeCrisis, Popcast and now VIdjagame Apocalypse… The circle is almost compleat.


  86. wow this is great guys

  87. Wow…such great times/memories flooded into my brain when the intro started up. Can’t wait to listen!

  88. That old feeling. =]

  89. lol GUCCI MANN

  90. As for the actuallll podcast:

    Chris brought up a point in the “violence in games” discussion about how comics are never scapegoated in these violence debates anymore. That’s true! The main reason for this is that modern comics are a much much much much smaller medium than games. The biggest comic any given month will be lucky to sell 200,000 copies – and less than a dozen will even reach 100,000.

    If comics were half as popular as games, they’d be included in the violence discussion too.

    One of the biggest blames for the low sales of comics these days is the fact that they were heavily censored in the 50s, neutering what content could be made available – a very similar discussion to what is happening today with games! The artistic integrity of comics bounced back, but the sales never did. Games would struggle with as heavy a slap on the wrist as comics got (although so severe a slap is pretty unlikely these days.)

  91. So, just a question… how are you gonna talk about games when nobe of you play the games early? Just look at your Ni No Kuni discussion… no one had anything of worth to say about it. I love u guys im not trying to troll. Just wondering how this is gonna roll. Am I gonna hear bout sly 4 and deadspace 3 in a few weeks? Hopefully after someone plays them unlike ni no kuni ; P

  92. Wow …lots of comments….I guess people dont like lasertime.

    • That logic makes no sense. Most of the fanbase from T-Dar was in to videogames, which is understandable since it was on a site devoted to the topic. So a new videogame podcast with the same hosts and in similar style should appeal to the same people. Doesn’t say anything about the quality of Lasertime. They’re different podcasts that cover different topics, have different styles, etc.

      • and yet ive never seen you here before

        • Just because you haven’t “seen” us here doesn’t mean we don’t exist. I personally just feel that the esoteric flavor of Laser Time is not as enjoyable, or as a fun, or as raw and rambunctious as Talk Radar used to be. It doesn’t help that Chris Antista and Brett Elston have mellowed the fuck out as they’ve gotten older and docile in their jobs at Capcom- seriously, people really do dislike DmC for more reasons than his fucking hair. In fact, I could say there are direct parallels between them and Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg- raw niggas with attitude that sold out once more money, commercialization of their images and the encroaching middle age gap started rolling in.

          I love Laser Time, don’t get me wrong here. In fact, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be listening to it and Cape Crisis. But David Jaffe talks shit about his company and his competitors all the time and still gets employment, same as every other developer in the industry- so is Capcom that iron-fisted that having something negative to say about their company immediately makes you disqualified to work their? Is it in their contract? That’s what I mean by selling out.

          Sorry but I am really getting irritated with all of the fucking white-knighting the internet has been doing lately and that includes company drones that work for a company that has made some really shitty decisions as of the last two years.

          So no, just because YOU haven’t seen us here doesn’t mean we don’t exist. We just don’t comment because their isn’t any reason to do so. And if this podcast isn’t able to be as fun and listenable to as Talk Radar used to be, with 1/4th of the hosts not being able to be as volatile, infantile and funny as they were a year ago, then we won’t be sticking around either. Something to keep in mind.

  93. I’ve been waiting for this!

  94. Simply… Amazing.

  95. This makes me very happy.



  97. I can’t be the only person that looks at that title and thinks it says “Va-jay-jay Game Apocalypse”.

  98. 100TH COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. I have listend to you guys since T-dar 1 and loved you since i followed you to lasertime and loved all your stuff here and for the first time you have made me so fucking happy i had to get off my ass and comment.

    2000 episodes at minimum or i will blame Chris and Wikiparaz for a homicidal rampage.

  100. I’ve hear worse excuses to drink.

  101. Was listening to the most recent LaserTime when I heard you announce this in the break… immediately stopped what I was doing and checked the site….. the excitement I felt when seeing this was far greater than I expected it would be!!


    • And I would also 100% buy a t-shirt if it had that cartridge skull on it…. but first I gotta donate directly. Like right now.

  102. Oh god it’s back!

  103. My opinion on video game violence! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QfM7I4uUo8 Oh yeah Hi this is my first time commenting long time since the lurker talkradar days.

  104. I haven’t commented in a long time, but as soon as I heard that anamanaguchi I lost my freaking mind! TDAR IS BACK!!!

  105. Bravo! Very well done!

    Also since no one is talking about it: the original Scarface (Subtitle “Shame of a Nation”) was released in 1932. It was directed by Howard Hawkes and starred Paul Muni as a small time thug that rises to power in the bootlegging scene and then gets taken out by the FBI. The 80s movie loosly follows the original plot but expands on it and replaces the booze with cocaine.

    Weird thing about the film is that around the same time the Government was also going to start cracking down on movies. So the producer Howard “Piss in jars crazy” Hughes had the director insert scenes of people talking about how horrible Scarface and the other bootleggers while looking at the audience. So the film starts to feel like a traditional gangster film got spliced together with Reefer Madness.

  106. So… I need some advice. I’ll listen to what you guys say. What should I be saving for a rainy day? Also, what am I buying?

  107. Finally!! Thanks guys, I’m a regular listener again!

  108. Hey your legacy remains at GR, house of the dead overkill is at #28 on the list of best wii games, which might be a bit high…

  109. I’m not sure how to say “it was better than I thought it would be” nicely. First episodes can suck, but this didn’t. Thanks.

  110. Ohhh wow, to think I almost missed this new show! WOOO, can’t wait to listen!

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