Cape Crisis #43 – Devil gets his due

In the mood for love? Well we’re in the mood for Daredevil, specifically celebrating the 10th anniversary of his underrated film starring Ben Affleck. Bring us to life!










Cape Crisis #43 Question: What’s your favorite Daredevil memory?

18 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #43 – Devil gets his due

  1. I never watched this movie due to all the negative talk about it on TalkRadar. I dont really have any affection for Daredevil. Cant wait to listen to this.

  2. I actually really like the Daredevil Movie, and honestly have felt it has always garnered irrational, unwarranted flak. Yes, it has those Evanescence songs, but two songs shouldn’t be the indicator of whether a whole movie would be good or not, and overall I thought the story was good, the action was solid, and Ben Affleck was FINE in his role, not great, but he didn’t ruin the movie, and everyone else I found them enjoyably fantastic in their roles, specially Mr. Duncan Clarke as the kingpin.

    Overall, I honestly think it’s a better movie than at least the first original spiderman movie, and it has certainly aged WAY better as well.

    1. I completely disagree. I don’t understand how anyone can say the first Spider-Man movie hasn’t aged well, but I just can’t fathom how you can say Daredevil aged better. The Evanescence songs automatically mean it aged worse. But besides that, the fight between DD and Elektra after the cafe scene was one of the dumbest and most nonsensical scenes I’ve ever watched. First of all, why is this woman fighting a blind man? Second, why is DD so cavalier about fighting when he should be trying to keep his super powers a secret. It’s comparable to the basketball scene in the Amazing Spider-Man. No one could see either Matt Murdok, blind lawyer, or Peter Parker, high school geek, do these amazing things and just think, “Huh, that was weird.” NO!

      Also, the final fight between Murdok and the Kingpin was so ridiculous and the reasoning for the Kingpin not to reveal Murdok’s identity didn’t make any sense. I even saw the supposedly better director’s cut and most of the same issues were intact. More power to you if you like this movie, but I couldn’t stand it.

  3. I was right in the target demo for the soundtrack. I was 14 when I saw this in theaters and I fell for Bring Me To Life during the credits so hard I went right out to find everything I could from Evanescence.

  4. Loved the episode, and maybe I should rewatch this movie could be good for a laugh at least.

    My favorite DD memory would have to be discovering that Bendis/Maleev run much the same way as Elston through the $.25 issue, it hit me at just the right time and might be responsible for keeping me into comics at the time.

  5. I really liked Daredevil. Before Batman Begins came out, I always thought Daredevil was a great way to do a Batman origin type story. I thought it was nice how they showed he was vulnerable, got teeth knocked out, had scars, and had to take medication to dull the pain. Now I’m not saying the movie didn’t have flaws, but it did have enough strong points for me to enjoy it.

  6. Joss Whedon wrote the toad getting struck by lightning line. And one other one in that movie. Something about him writing a first draft of it…?

  7. I have to say, I have kind of always liked that Daredevil movie. Oh don’t get me wrong, that theatrical version’s a piece of shit but that R-rated Directors Cut was quite more superior and actually rather enjoyable for me. I saw the R-rated cut when I was 17 so I was out of the target audience range for Evanescence (I was more of a Dr. Dre/Eminem and Korn/Slipknot teenager anyways) but that is one scene in that movie and the rest of it was rather enjoyable for me.

    Other than that diatribe, great show!

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