Oscar Off-Key #3: A Whole New World

a whole new world

This week, leading up the Oscars, we look back on some of the worst production numbers of Oscar shows past. Now, ripping all the charm out of a classic.

This production number goes in a different direction from the other song from “Aladdin.” They both go big with the dancers and set, but at least they don’t ruin the song. In fact, they have the two voice actors from the movie instead of someone random, or Peebo Bryson and Regina Belle, who sang the radio single.  The problem is scale: in the movie, they actually are looking at the world. Here, they have to slowly wander around a stage. When he tells her not to dare close her eyes, you’re like…from what? The flaming kebabs? The contortionist?

world93 from D. Goodman on Vimeo.

It’s also a great example of Exotic Orientalism – the east is super exotic, but also undifferentiated – there’s Arab, Moroccan, Indian stuff all smashed together into one big bloated pile. For more, check out NotWithoutMyHandbag.com






2 thoughts on “Oscar Off-Key #3: A Whole New World

  1. Huh, they sure paid attention to Alladin back on those Oscars.

    So far, from the three videos Diana has posted so far, this one feels like the least terrible, altough they really went on those nose with the whole exotic orient stuff happening all around. Also, suddenly showing a kid hovering around felt completely random and out place…

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