Oscar Off-Key #5: Snow White

oscars snow white

This week, leading up the Oscars, we look back on some of the worst production numbers of Oscar shows past. Now, the most infamous number of all time.

It takes something special to make Julie Andrews trash you to the press.

That something was the opening number of the 1989 Oscar show. Producer Allen Carr, the man who gave us both “Grease” and the Village People’s “Can’t Stop the Music,” fell in love with the San Francisco mainstay musical revue”Beach Blanket Babylon” and decided to export it to the Academy Awards. But not explain it to anyone. Or notice that the Oscars are supposed to be serious, not camp.

It wasn’t Snow White’s anniversary or anything. No one understood why she’s there. She bothers stars in the audience – at least Martin Landau seems to be having a good time. Then the Cocoanut Grove is recreated. Don’t know why. A bunch of elderly stars are applauded. Rob Lowe appears. They sing a version of “Proud Mary.” Are the tables and chairs dancing? So while Vincent Price was sitting there, some guy was hiding under him? Some other woman sings – who’s she? More dancers. Giant hats? OK…sure.

It runs 11 minutes. 11 goddamn minutes.

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6 thoughts on “Oscar Off-Key #5: Snow White

  1. This is the biggest steaming pile of dogshit I have ever seen. Everyone involved should be shipped off to work in North Korea.

  2. Are you guys familiar with Panto? It is exactly like this but cheaper and self-aware. It’s actually amazing how similar it is, Snow White, interacting with the audience, a group of three ladies in hideous outfits, celebrities with no reason to be there, old songs with awful, awful parody lyrics, the only thing it was missing was Lily Tomlin dressed like a witch.

  3. I was listening to a Canadian radio show the other day and they interviewed the girl who played Snow White in this. It was a pretty interesting interview, talked about how the number tanked her career as well as allen carr’s career, that somebody involved in the number is buried in snow white’s dress from this number, how she accidentally went up to robin williams in the audience despite being told not to, all kinds of interesting stuff.

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