Vidjagame Apocalypse – Move 2

With the Oscars recently done away with, we present a special Top 5 (er, Only 5?) along with some new release talk, PS4 news and a quickie debate.

Question of the Week

We’re using the same question as last week so if you didn’t get a chance to answer, here you go.

Will next-gen save consoles or destroy them? Weigh in and we’ll grab a few of your answers for the next episode.





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24 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse – Move 2

  1. VJA is still rocking it! As someone still around from Tdar days I say do keep the reminiscing coming, no need to shut your own stories down. Tangents (within reason) have always been a highlight in both TR and Laser Time shows.

  2. Regarding the QotW, I don’t see consoles going away soon (at least not because PCs took them over). I’m a console gamer because I can buy one system at an affordable price and I’m done for years. As Mikel mentioned getting a PC at a rate comparable to a console’s price is just myth (at least if you plan to run anything made this decade). There are strong pros to PC gaming, but for me they aren’t worth the money it costs. This generation is finally starting to feel stale so I am excited for the next-gen systems and expect to get one and be happy with it for some years to come.

  3. I don’t think it’ll do either, really. At least if the press conference is anything to go off of. They showed gameplay footage of just two games, possibly three if you think that Killzone trailer was actual in-game stuff. There’s also rumors of the PS4 being upwards of $1,000! And you can’t transfer your PSN titles from the PS3 onto the PS4, so that’s another strike in my book.

    Unless these next-gen consoles can come forth and put out some truly fantastic stuff, whether it be software or an actual, functional method for digital distribution for consoles, I just can’t drum up any interest. I also stopped carrying about cutting edge graphics a LONG time ago. Because once you’ve got the best graphics ever seen by human eyes, where else d’you go? Nowhere if you don’t have good everything else!

    Until Sony can be bothered to show us something truly worth while (and in actual existence), I’m perfectly content with my 360, PS3, DS, Wii, PS2 and used gaming PC I just bought off a friend (Which can run Hawken, LoL and anything in my Steam account ^^).

  4. i am slowing become a cynical sack shit who longer finds any enjoyment in games that are not in a 2d plain so i think that all this fancy shmancy next gen graphics and game streaming and facebook sharing is all a steaming pile of shit, a wast of time, money and will be the last console generation to ever brace humanity.

    Except if we get Capcom vs SNK 3 (with HD sprites)
    only then will the next gen be saved.

  5. Feels like you’re really getting into your stride with VGA. Though to be honest it’s been a while and I’m still not fond of the whole picking your opinions out of a hat thing, I’d rather just hear what you really think, which is what everybody ends up saying anyway. Even if you’re all on the same side someone always ends up playing devil’s advocate, even while Chris is working for Capcom he still took an evenhanded approach to the whole DmC discussion.

    1. “Though to be honest it’s been a while and I’m still not fond of the whole picking your opinions out of a hat thing, I’d rather just hear what you really think, which is what everybody ends up saying anyway”

      I agree with this. The GamesRadar UK podcast actually had the same bit a while back. Although it had a more humorous slant to it and did really involve current events.

  6. I’m still lukewarm about the PS4. If i get one, it’ll be way post-launch, when it has some decent games. Great episode, guys.

    Also, in a weird coincidence, at the exact moment that Henry was talking about how he was surprised AC 4 wasn’t announced at the press conference, I was on GR, looking at the confirmation of Black Flag.

  7. Sweet! Thanks a bunch. I remember playing Platoon on the NES when I was 10. Even then I remember thinking how odd and shitty it was.

  8. Man, that stinger was fantastic, you guys should close out every episode from now on with it 😛

    Anyway, great episode! Although I agree that the sides from the debates shouldn’t be picked at random,a t least, not on the fly just second before the actual debate, specially because, as shown in this show, you got a very unfair result with 4 against 1, and that one person being very obviously in favor of the side he’s arguing against. it’s just not fun to listen to because the debate didn’t feel like a genuine debate at all.

  9. I love the podcast but it jut makes me miss Tdar more 🙁 Needs more Chris and Brett. Also would prefer the original version of Helix Nebula for the intro. Can’t wait to listen <3

  10. Great episode guys! Chris’s bases was disgusting and had me laugh so hard I literally fell out of my seat at work.

  11. I just wanna say how weird (yet refreshing) it is to hear Grimm, Hank and Tyler talk positively about something PlayStation related. They always came across as anti-PS3 in the past, so this was cool to hear.

    Regarding the QOTW, I think Tyler made a good point. Console gaming won’t die, necessarily, but it’ll change. We’ll have gaming-focused boxes in the living room with different UI’s that play different games… Essentially how it is now, but maybe with more competitors. The moment they start adding upgrades, however, it becomes a PC and ruins the idea of a console.

    I have a gaming quality PC (definitely not high end, but it can run most games without too many issues) and I still prefer my console because it’s just easier. No worry about possible viruses, Windows Updates, drivers, etc. It’s streamlined and easier to handle, and I enjoy that aspect of it. Console gaming will change but it’ll never truly disappear.

  12. Hey gang,
    I was wondering what them songs were that were playing in the background. Those 16 or 8 bit Micheal Jackson remixes, I mean. Where can I buy that? Or at least find it to listen to.

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