18 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #44 – Robin in Peace

  1. Concerning the beginning of the podcast where Hank mentions him skipping weeks of Cape Crisis podcasts. I’m totally fine with it considering how Hank and Chris record a bunch of other podcasts every other week. Take your time with bringing out quality content.

    1. oh wow… that was an abrupt end…
      why don’t you guys use 2 laptops to duel record audio? you know… just in case?

      you guys should do a chip in or a indiegogo solely to raise funds for a new laptop that is for recording the podcasts only.
      it’ll generate money (hopefully) and spread the word about the lasertime network.

  2. Okay, I gotta say this:

    Death Of The Family was the metaphoric “death” of the Batman family. Snyder has said that he never intended to have someone actually die because it would cheapen the message. Batman not telling his allies that the Joker knew who he was (and who they were) causes them to lose their trust in Bruce. Of course, now that Damian is dead this throws everything up in the air.

    Any anger or disappointment about DOTF should be directed at DC marketing for billing the storyline as leading to a death of an actual character.

    1. That was kind of the point I was trying to make. I didn’t dislike the arc, but when you cut it with the tension built between all the other lines, and the weight carried by the title being referenced, I still feel it was misleading.

      And it totally didn’t occur to me to blame DC’s marketing! Under any other title, the story would’ve been a modern classic.

  3. Wow, gotta love the shift of opinion about the Amazing spiderman movie form being “alright” to “The sequel that no one wants to see”.

    Really? again, how exactly is the recent movie so terrible? specially because, if you took your damn nostalgia goggles off, you’d see that the first spiderman movies weren’t really that good to begin with, specially the first one. Yes, the new spiderman movie wasn’t perfect, and it was annoying to sit trough the origin story all over again, but it had far more compelling actors playing the main characters, the action’s way better, and the story is still more cohesive than the cheesy, borderline campy Sam Raimi’s first spiderman.

    1. Re-watching Spidey films, they’re all pretty bad. Raimi’s stuff was good at the time, proved you could do it and make money, but they don’t hold up IMO. Amazing was just… boring. “CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED!” is the most fitting box quote I can think of.

      Perfectly happy to wait for trailers etc to decide about ASM2. Would love it to be better.

      1. Fair enough, I mean, I personally didn’t find it boring, but that’s a criticism I can accept. And thanks for acknowledging that Raimi’s films aren’t exactly the masterpieces a lot of people make them out to be. Specially when you consider that say, Spider-man 2 came out only a year before Batman Begins, yet it looks 10 years older and sillier in comparison.

        And yeah, I’m also holding out for the trailers of the next one, because I actually don’t think I like the fact that they are bringing Harry, Norman and Mary Jane into the films AGAIN. I mean… The biggest criticism this new film got was that we had to watch all these moments once more… and instead of exploring new ground and characters in the next film, you’re bringing back the same old staples that have ALREADY been shown to death both in films and comics? what the hell?

        Sorry about the rant, but yeah *coughs* not a fan of that, still, let’s see what comes out of it, at least having electro as a main villain should prove to be interesting visually, if nothing else.

  4. Could you please not put spoilers as the picture for the episode, I’m still working my way through Morrison’s older batman and haven’t had a chance to read the new incorporated.

  5. Great episode, despite the technical difficulties. The Mario music was a nice touch, but I miss the ol’ Alan Grant “I hate computers…”.

  6. I’m interested that in your discussions about death of the family no suggested that the title wasn’t referring to the death of a person but to the death(end) of the bat-family Bruce Wayne has created.

    In the story everyone finds out that Bruce has been keeping secrets from them, they start to wonder if they can continue to fully trust him. At the end of Batman #17 Bruce calls a “family meeting” so to speak and one by one they all call off. Essentially this episode has revealed that Nightwing, Batgirl etc. can no longer blindly follow Batman and ultimately they need to look out for themselves. It may take a while but we may look back at this arc and say it really was the death of the family.

    Anyway that was my interpretation thought I’d share it.

    Also don’t worry about taking a week off, you guys do so many shows it’s not the end of the world. I’d rather have 2 quality episodes a month, than 4 rushed ones were people are tired & not very interested.

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