Mar 022013
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At least one of you is guilty of reacting the same way our friendly barkeep does in this week’s thrilling issue of Ladies’ Knight with Kuros.  At least one.  Maybe Kuros’ point of view will make you react differently in the future!  To what are we referring?  You’ll have to read on to find out!

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  11 Responses to “Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #24”

  1. Heh, didn’t realize even Kuros had standards.

  2. very interesting point of view, never thought of it like that

  3. Kuros the greatest philosopher of our time, from 1987.

  4. Another great comic

  5. Dude, twins are redundant it’s like doing the same thing twice. Or at least that is what I feel Kuros is trying to say. I can’t help but look at the color of the speech bubbles and think that the green bubble should be used for the bartender and the white bubble used for Kuros.

  6. Wow, that’s a legitimately clever point of view.

  7. Amazing.

  8. How very true…

  9. im dating a twin, look the same but def not in person…

  10. im dating a twin, the other one is a crazy B******

  11. Not going to lie, If I’m eating a cheeseburger, I’m not going to complain if someone throws another cheeseburger on my plate. I mean that’s like what…..three cheeseburgers? Fuck yeah!

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