25 thoughts on “Laser Time – Legal BS

      1. Hank Scorpio a villain? What are you, crazy? Just cause a guys got a death ray he’s suddenly a villain?

  1. Why is “I before E except after C” still a thing when you mentioned examples that are exceptions? There are even more than those to.

  2. Awesome episode, though you guys forgot to mention the premiere example of legal bullshit in comics: the utter unuseability of Rom! (For bonus points Rom: Spaceknight also featured an unstoppable killbot named Terminator who is now stuck in quadruple legal limbo.)

  3. The biggest legal BS thing for me is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and all of it’s musical references. Because of how protective music license holders are in the U.S. means I will never be able to support an official release outside of 90’s game, which is renamed so everything seems foreign. Imagine playing a LoZ game where you played as Lonk and tried to find the Triangle of force to rescue princess Zunhilda.

  4. Not all fast food meat is created equal, Brett. Last I checked, McDonald’s and Wendy’s hadn’t had a recent lawsuit due to their “meat” actually being less than 40% meat. The rest is fillers, additives, and other non-meat garbage.

  5. If this is the last episode you guys ever do those last 25 seconds or so are exactly how I want to remember you.

  6. That math story, wow lol. My dad taught me to do it all in my head and then my educational system made me fill it out on paper because probably nobody could understand where I – among others who did the same process – were getting, what we thought, were logical answers. I like the funny notion of people having to spell out a letter via going through the alphabet song for each word. I think there was a comedian who said that.

  7. I didn’t think it would be possible for you guys to go over every pertinent example of this episode’s theme AND go on an hour’s worth of tangents. But, goddamnit, you beautiful bastards managed to do it. This was a glorious.

  8. yah a lot of those shows from 90’s mtv got butchered for current tv.
    Daria got changed so that all the music is now random fake in house music.
    it totally ruins the episodes. they only work with that original music from the time.

  9. I just started to think about what was discussed with Popeye and a strange image popped in my head. Both Popeye and Donald Duck are sailors with bad attitudes. I started to wonder who would win in a fight but then something disturbing popped in my mind. What if Donald Duck had the body of Popeye but the same head. I can’t tell if that would be bad @ss or very disturbing.

  10. I’m a critical asshole, so naturally my first comment ever would be to say that you are WRONG!!! More anime gets released now, not less. There are several -legal- sites for streaming anime. DVD – sorry, I live in the past, I meant Blu-ray – releases are becoming rarer, and some companies will do disk releases without dubs, but in terms of pure quantity, most of what gets released in Japan gets released here.

    Wait…you spent less than a minute discussing this. Why am I even mentioning it?

  11. Interesting podcast this week though I was kind of expecting it to be about you guys confessing to crimes you may or may not have committed in your youth….

  12. In this episode, Henry declares that “anime pretty much sucks now”.

    Henry, I could give you at least five worthwhile series from this year!! And every year, for that matter. (although you seem to have warmed back up to the ways of the weeb in recent years…)

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