New Iron Man 3 trailer!

The latest look at Tony Stark’s upcoming outing has no time for goddamned jokes!

I could’ve sworn the director of Iron Man 3, or someone else close to the project, recently stated that Iron Man 3 was nowhere near as dour as the marketing is making it look. Well… no told that to the latest trailer, which very well be the most serious tone I’ve ever seen from Marvel.

Nary a joke is dispensed and Tony Stark is clearly done fucking around. Oh, but you’ll also see more of whoever the fuck Guy Pearce is play as well as an up close and personal look at Don Cheadle looking extremely uncomfortable in the War Machine/Iron Patriot/Metal Captain America suit.

Feel free to share your thought below. This’ll undoubtedly be discussed on an upcoming episode of Cape Crisis!






10 thoughts on “New Iron Man 3 trailer!

  1. hang on….. hang on…. oooooh. Ooops sorry didn’t mean to do that all over the keyboard. But seriously, this looks much spiffier than the last one.

  2. Getting a Heath Ledger’s Riddler vibe off of Mandarin during that VO. So if Tony is fighting the President does that mean he gets his own mech suit too? A METAL suit? For fighting CHAOS? …WOLF?

  3. That pose Iron Man has to do to stay steady is silly enough on its own, seeing five of them do it in a row make them look like one of those poorly choreographed Japanese idol groups.

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