12 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #46 – Girls, Girls, Girls!

  1. Great show this one really reminded me why this is my favorite show on the Laser Time Network. One problem though, no one laughed at Dave’s Chucky joke. When he said “No body wanted to play.” I paused the podcast and clapped, great joke Dave! I really need to get the Naussica book.

  2. Damn, Chris, Dave, and Henry were freakin’ ON for this episode. I love that show during slow news weeks always devolve into amazing tangents and rants.

  3. Excellent show, gentlemen. Dave strikes me as Pete White-ish, and I mean that with the utmost respect. On a related note, I just bought The Monarch knee high socks for the gym, using the links on the right side, of course!

  4. Chris, you’ve been talking a lot about a pledge drive lately, and honestly, if you said that Laser Time COULD NOT CONTINUE without a pledge drive/Kickstarter, fans would sign up in droves. Imagine the t shirts! Imagine the voicemail recordings! The tote bags!

  5. Great job guys! Don’t agree with everything said about the show Girls, but absolutely awesome that you are a huge fan Chris. I sent this to four female friends who are all listening to the podcast. They have little interest in comics, but are now listening to archived episodes now after this. Keep up the good work! Also, here’s a quick youtube vid of the Girls segment if interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Vk_vBYoYp0&list=FLbMfp9hm0fkDONc9Auh3Cfw&feature=mh_lolz . Thanks again guys.

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