Cheap Popcast #7- Wrestling, Death, and Choices

The recent passing of the Father of Death prompts a Cheap Popcast funeral party! We examine how death has been treated during the history of WWE, before moving onto WWE Choose Your Own Adventure!



16 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #7- Wrestling, Death, and Choices

  1. When Henerey was talking about interrupting Dave’s funeral, I was expecting a “I know we’re here to honour Dave, but follow me at h-e-n-e-r-e-y-g”

  2. I was kinda hoping Dave would chime in with a “Yeah, rip” after being on Vidjagame Apocalypse.

    That’s cross promotional synergy right there.

  3. I love this podcast, actually watched raw tonight, haven’t in probably 13 years. and yet i guessed the wrestle-mania match would be for Triple H’s wife

    Also Dave, your username is amazing

  4. I was almost moved to tears when Eddie passed, dude was one of my favorite wrestlers, Benoit too…. but yeah lol.

  5. Was CM Punk telling Taker “…to Paul Bearer you will always be perfect, you will always be 20-0, but…” his own personal homage to Paul Bearer’s eulogy to Owen Hart?

  6. i noticed there wasn’t any music in the background. weird for a LTN podcast.

    also… i had NO IDEA the piledriver was banned. makes sense. but wow… you can get fined in some states or countries for doing it in a match. WOW

    1. OH MAH GAWD!
      that song you guys play at the end “girls in cars”… sounds A LOT like the stage select song from Mega Man 1. it’s uncanny! and really obvious when you listen to the 20th anniversary techno version. both songs came out in late 1987.
      is it a coincidence or did the capcom guys like that wrestling album?
      listen for yourself…
      girls in cars —
      MM stage select music —
      20th anniver. version —

      OR AM I CRAZY?!

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