Vidjagame Apocalypse- Jump Duck

On this week’s episode of Vidjagame Apocalypse we revisit some of our favorite anxiety-inducing music from games and talk about beloved games from our youth.

Sorry this episode is a little late. We ran into a minor technical difficulty. It’s here now and we may all rejoice! Heads up kids, Chris is on this episode which means we’ll be talking about a certain duck-centric game for quite a while.

Question of the Week

If you could see any game or series get remade, what would it be? With all the reboots we’re curious to see what you folks would like to see next.





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65 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse- Jump Duck

  1. As soon as I read the description I knew why sonic was pictured. I hate that goddamn drowning song. Chemical plant can eat a dick.

  2. Never go a week without content again, I was having withdrawal symptoms and randomly blurting out Simpsons quotes, which was really awkward at the funeral.

    I would say I’d like to see Streets of Rage come back but I’ve had games like Scott Pilgrim to scratch that itch. Then I was going to suggest Bomberman, not horrible gritty Act Zero Bomberman, but regular cute Bomberman, with lots of little customisable costumes and online multiplayer – but this has apparently already happened this gen and I completely missed it.

    So I’m going to suggest a super gritty reboot, where Bomberman is now an Al Qaeda member, it will be a PSN title made by That Game Company, it will have only one level and no obstacles, it will be called Suicide Bomberman.

  3. First game that popped into my mind was Strider also. It’s one of the first games I can very vividly remember finishing. Great game.

  4. For the QOTW I was thinking Morrowind but, Morroblivion and Skwind already exist so i would say the first 2 Elderscrolls games, Arena and Daggerfall. I’m a massiv fan of 3-5 and have tried going back but the gameplay is so rediculosly antiquated I can’t play it. Given, I didn’t live through early PC gaming and have been babied by early 2000’s console games. I just wish I could break through the outdated gameplay to enjoy the overall experience.

    1. HERE HERE! An excellent answer! Though part of men agrees that it would be awesome to experience the first two games with updated gameplay, the other part says “stop whining!” and play the games you weakling. Ignoring, for a second, the tiny Arnold in my head, I’m willing to bet not very many people are interested in going back and put in the investment toward learning/coping with the outdated-ness of the first two.

  5. I think the Tank music from Left 4 Dead should’ve been on there, on expert that really makes you sweat.

  6. There are two songs that I can think to contribute to the list. First being Grace and Glory from Jet Set Radio Future. Second being Who’s There? from the Persona 4 soundtrack.

  7. I would love to see the Timesplitters series revived. For me Timesplitters 2 was one of my favorite games as a teen. Its goofy take on the shooter genre was relieving when more hardcore shooters were becoming the dominate trend in gaming.The mix of locales and time periods allowed for so much creativity by the developers. I probably spent endless hours playing that series.

  8. QOTW: I would love to see Daytona USA updated for the 3DS. It could include all of the Arcade/Saturn/Dreamcast tracks plus a few new ones, also in mirror form. Online play of course, and players could customize the graphics on their cars.

  9. Okay, here are some that I think you may have missed, as I haven’t actually listened past #4 on the list:

    Dead Space – The Necromorphs

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Terror, and Suitor Attacks

    Resident Evil 4 – Ganado 1 (c’mon, it was really horrifying hearing that for the first time).

    So maybe you cover these songs later, maybe you don’t. Dunno.

    1. I know this doesn’t exactly fit the question, but all of the Duck Tales talk really got me bonered for my Plok dream.

  10. I’m going to go out on a limb here (to be more specific, the old, decrepit limb that is the Sega Genesis), and say that I want a new Shining Force game, damnit! Now I’m not talking about the lame hack n’ slash games that they tried to pass off as Shining Force on the PS2, I’m talking about the old, turn-based ones. Man, I miss those…

  11. chriiiiiiiis antistaaaaaaaaa!

    with Disney closing down my beloved Lucasarts, it’s not so inconceivable that Tim Schafer get his most ardent wish: i might finally see more swashbuckling insults and comebacks in Monkey Island (TiM). Day of the Tentacle is ready for a reboot, also.

  12. And VGA continues to dominate LaserTime. Ironic because I bet videogames ae keeping the rest of the hosts too busy to cast and yet this show is about vidjagames!

  13. As soon as I saw your question of the week, the first thing that sprang to mind was the Phantasy Star series especially the second one. With its blade runner esqe world and futuristic environments to its pitch-black and crushingly depressing story the game just needs a fresh new coat of paint and that will make my day. Ok, it would need some new battle mechanics and a tweak on that goddam difficulty and someone besides sega would need to do if because those guys would just fuck it up.

  14. Miyamoto started sounding a lot like Duke Lombardi for a minute. Maybe they’re related. I call “bias” on all of Duke’s Nintendo reviews!

    Also, it would’ve made an extremely long podcast, but pretty much all the music in Dark Souls is stressful. Something terrible is about to happen if ANY music starts playing in that game.

    Oh, and the Lower Norfair music from Super Metroid was always stressful too. You knew something big was close and you hadn’t seen Ridley in a while…

  15. I would like to see Deus Ex: Human Revolution but be remade with a different lead character. Maybe a woman, with a completely cybernetic body and purple hair. You’d have accompanying characters to help you with investigations and missions.

    While in combat you can sneak around enemies with Thermo-Optic Camo suits but the game would be slightly more action oriented. The levels would have to more open in order to be traversed acrobatically instead of sneaking around in vents.

    You’d would have solo missions but others would require commanding a small squad or an accompanying talking Tachikoma tank.

    Basically I want a Ghost in the Shell game made in they style of Deus Ex Human Revolution. It seems so obvious since Ghost in the Shell’s been doing the whole Deus Ex thing and way more interestingly years before Deus Ex came on the scene. (I’m trying to bait a response from Mike Grimm)

    Get on that Square Enix.

  16. wow… this has been like the only show to pop up in my feed from the LTN for like… three weeks. LTN needs contingency episodes in the can at all times.

    doritos locos tacos chips?!
    doritos that taste like tacos wrapped in doritos flavoured shells!?
    *head explodes*

    maybe so you guys don’t go over any personal time limits, you guys record some VGA specials that can post alternatively to regular episodes.
    and all they are is all the talking you guys had to edit off the regular episodes. no?

  17. at the time of this reading the top two comments on the ducktales video is complaints about no 3ds or pc version. so I guess youtube is itself after all.

    Also as for stressful VGM, I submit this:

    Generally the beginning of this track was obscured with my shouts of “FUCKING HELL I JUST NUDGED THAT BEGGAR LADY WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SUCH A CLUTZ ALTAIR???!?!?!”

  18. The campaign footage showed a bunch of gameplay mechanics, and I liked that it was a personal look at a group of soldiers with a small objective.

    Still not that interested in it, but it seemed a lot better than the campaign of most modern military games.

  19. Oof. I need to proofread my stuff better if there’s a chance it can be read out loud. I was a little to repetitive.

  20. Thanks for using my comment!

    I would be interested in seeing a modern Call of Cthulhu game, as I thought that game was wonderfully spooky and atmospheric, and would enjoy playing a prettier and less buggy version of it.

  21. QOTW: Low G-Man. I’ve never heard any game jarnalists talking about it but it was a favorite of mine on the NES. Basically your a guy who can jump really high (because of Low G-ravity) and you have a Gun Blade to down stab evil robots. I never beat it because the seventh level boss throws Anti-Health Potions like they were on sale.


  22. Man, I hope you guys never manage to shorten the show. Split it in two, if you have to; I need as much podcast as possible to fill the incredibly boring hours at work. And everyone needs to get their asses to PAX East next year. I went for the first time this year and got to be one of the many people to remind Chris how many times he asked Seth for a Duck Tales HD remake. I want to remind the rest of the hosts about things they said long ago on other podcasts!

  23. Holy shit! Mikel full-on teleported into my car while I was listening to this to stare at me and say, “Di! Di! Di! Di! Diana!” Did that happen to you guys too? Did he say your names, or did everyone get called Diana, too?

    I think it’s because I was planning on making fun of him for saying “man-ays” instead of “may-o-nays.” Pre-empting marital discord! The beard has many powers!

  24. I thought long and hard, and I would like to see the following games rebooted:
    SNES version of Shadowrun (not the unsuccessful 360 garbage)
    Deja vu for NES as iOS game
    Shadowgate for NES as iOS game
    Baseball Stars for NES (fun baseball) Think the tecmo bowl remake
    Super Baseball 1,000 (power ups and missiles and power swings…yeah)
    Full HD remakes of Nes Zelda (Think Link to the past graphics with Original Zelda)
    Full HD remake of Diablo 2 (What Diablo 3 should have been)
    FF7 – redone from ground up (fix squares problems)
    I have a ton more but I will leave it at that.

  25. Aerobiz (SNES, mode 7 props) would be a great remake.

    Simulation games seemed to have their golden age in the 90’s with Sim(Noun), Capitalism, Transport Tycoon to name very few. Even Dopewars and Lemonade Stand were greatly entertaining business sims.

    Now it seems the games that create the best visuals or sports periodicals are constantly developed whereas the sims are relegated to almost idiotic titles such as Farming Simulator. Even the new SimCity appears to be a significant step down from SC4.

  26. There’s potential for a really great modern Lemmings game, possibly with physics based puzzles as well. Ive got an untapped well of nostalgia for Croc; Legend of the Gobbos as well although 3d platformers have basically disappeared from games, maybe for good reason?

  27. “Move your @ss or it’s gonna get f&cked by steel.” — Mikel Reparaz

    Enjoyable show. I don’t have many music that get’s me nervous but I do have a lot of sound affects that make me angry or annoyed. “Wah Wah Wah Wah” — Baby Mario

  28. All this bioshock infinite combat disappointment. After going back to bioshock after infinite, the difference is crazy, Bioshock 1 combat is very rigid, you got a couple of guns then have to switch to a plasmid to use it then switch back to a gun to shoot. It’s slow as hell.

    Infinite is fast paced, there is no having to switch between plasmids and guns to use one. And you have the choice to have 2 equipped at the same time along with the rails it really speeds up gameplay and allows you to pull off things you couldnt do in the original.

    Plus the AI in original was either sprint at player shooting or swinging bat, or running away throwing bombs. At least there is some semblance of ai tactics in infinite.

  29. As a metal gear solid fan I would love a remake of the original metal gear. Metal gear solid 1,2 and 4 all reference the outer haven incidence and portable ops and peace walker both foreshadow it. It would be nice to see a snake that wasn’t considered a legend, one that was inexperienced and untested.

  30. QOTW : I’d love to see a remake of Legend of Dragoon it was the last RPG i fell in love with until Ni No Kuni. Or I’d like to see Heroes of Might and Magic 1 through 3 be remade for consoles, with Diablo coming to consoles I’d like to see more PC only games make their way over. If thoes games are not good enough THQ’s The Punisher game would have been a good reboot/ remake.

  31. WWF No Mercy for the N64. Come to think of it, if they just re-released the game with the sole addition of online support for Royal Rumbles, I would drop $60 without even batting an eyelash.

  32. I would like to see Base Wars get remade. The baseball-playing robots would be awesome in HD, and the fights would be even better.

  33. In this aspect, I am lucky, as the games I wanted to see get the HD remake treatment have already been done (Pokemon Gold/Silver and Perfect Dark). However, I would love to see the Perfect Dark series to make a triumphed return, as the gameplay would be refreshingly fun to bring back (every weapon having a secondary function and the very customizable multiplayer), plus as shown with the novels, the series has great potential character and story wise.

  34. On the Duck Tales disscusion, I’m 20 and I know and remember Duck Tales. Watched it along with Darkwing Duck and Tale Spin.

    On the question of the week,


    Grim Fandango is one of my favourite games of all time, but is very difficult to play on modern machines, so could definitely do with a Ducktales-esque treatment, even making it available on consoles. I love it so much.

    Of course, every bit of Lucasrts news makes this less likely, but a man can dream…

  36. Good show, here are my requests.

    More: Three Breatsted Women

    Less: Ritualistic Nazi Killings

    Thank you.

  37. I was very glad to hear numbers 1 and 2 in the countdown, those were the first two things I thought of when I heard the topic. Also – I had the Duck Tales and Silent Hill dog music stuck in my head for the entire rest of the day after listening to this episode.

    Anyway, since you guys have been asking for input, here’s my own personal opinion:
    I LOVE the top 5, new releases and news segments, those are two of the biggest reasons I love this show and loved TDar. I’m personally not too into the QOTW (although I know a lot of people are… I’ve even participated in a few myself), but I do like how it involves the listener community. I also personally don’t really like the debate segment. It could just be that it’s still relatively new and I just need to get used to it, but it isn’t really particularly enjoyable for me personally.

    Anyway – I absolutely love the podcast, and I am so happy to finally have a good video game podcast again! I was really in some dire straits in the post-TDar interim… there are some REALLY bad video game podcasts out there. Keep up the great work, guys!

    1. Er… excuse my fickle-ness, but re-reading this, I guess I want to take back the part about the QOTWs… I do like them, it’s just that there have just been a few in the past that I wasn’t particularly in to (such as last week’s). Again, just my personal opinion!

  38. Oh, for this week’s QOTW, i’d like to see a new Little Nemo game! (or a “Remastered” version a la Duck Tales.

  39. QotW:
    I absolutely adore old school side scrolling platformers and my favourite of all time is metroid fusion on the GBA. The metroid prime games are amazing but after the flop of other m I think it’s time for a retro reboot to take samus back to her side scrolling roots. To be the silent badass protagonist I could map myself onto (even though I’m a guy) but with her own subtle personality and story of solitude. The power ups, the enemy variants, the platforming, the varying areas, I need them all! To be honest the world needs more side scrolling platformers like metroid fusion, but you know what they say: if you want something done right, do it yourself.
    tl:dr – side scrolling metroid. I love metroid fusion

  40. They should remake DEMON’S CREST. You ALL know it needs to be done. For one, it’s one of those classic SNES Capcom games with fantastic music. Unfortunately I’m not sure if it got that much mention back in the day, as I never see it on any best of lists… possibly because you play as a Hell Demon throughout the game, but it had pretty solid mechanics, a “megaman-like” upgrade system, and not one, not two, but THREE different endings. They randomly brought the main character Firebrand back for MVC3 so that has to mean something, right? Right? BTW, love all of the shows. I’ve been listening since the beginning. I swear to Bullet-ball

  41. I was thinking about this again the other day and only one thing came to mind and that’s the Disney movie games that Capcom made in the 90’s. A collection of HD remakes of The Lion King and Aladdin would be absolutely beautiful. Sell them separately on XBLA or for $30-40 on a disc together. Both are great games and they are still incredibly pretty today. I can’t imagine playing a “Blu-ray version” of the game.

  42. Not sure why my comment didn’t pass moderation. But i’d like to see Star Control 2 remade. Great game.

  43. I would love to see Sony do something with Ape Escape, I was surprised Spike was in Sony All-Stars. That shows Sony is still aware of the franchise.

  44. Possibly the Brofessional gaming podcast going, very entertaining no matter the length (hey now) and whoever said all the Bro puns made them physically sick, were they by any chance named Bro Rai Cho?

  45. Honestly, I’d like to see a port of Super Mario 64 for the 3DS like they did with Star Fox 64 and Ocarina of Time. I just want it to be more of a direct copy unlike the DS version.

  46. Regarding the QOTW:

    Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and Judgment Rights

    Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Final Unity

    Star Trek: Armada and Armada II

    Star Wars: X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, and/or Alliance

  47. I remember playing Clock Tower and hiding in lockers and having him walk by as i crap my pants between that and Slenderman I had some nightmares as a child.

  48. I was soooo absolutely happy when you guys talked about a possible remake of RE series! I’ve always been big fan of the games. Pity the last few ones were a big disappointment, lets face Operation Racoon City was crap. When I heard the question of the week that was the first game to cross my mind but since it was mentioned before, second one was (a know, long shot difference) the Crash Bandicoot series. That was one of my favorite games for PS1 back in the day (specially CB Warped) and I would love to see it back and fancier. Naughty dog has been nailing it with titles like Uncharted and The Last Of Us. I would really love to see a renewed CB on platform.

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