29 thoughts on “Laser Time – Ultra-Wholesome Horror

  1. wrong podcast is wrong.
    so many incorrectly stated facts in this episode.
    but this episode is too damn entertaining to correct y’all by making a list.

    you’re welcome.

  2. Very excite! Curious to see where this goes, and to have my childhood possibly ruined by people/topics being brought up that I was unaware of.

    Welcome back, LaserTime!

  3. This is the type of macabre and depressing listening that makes me come back to lasertime week after week. Laser Time 2: The Laser Strikes Back.

  4. Poor Paul Reubens. If you’re not supposed to masturbate in a porn theater, WHY ARE THEY SHOWING PORN?!

  5. What about Power Rangers? Yellow Power Ranger dies in a car crash, blue gets harassed over his sexuality by the rest of the cast and crew to the point of quitting!

  6. As usual, Henry Gilbert found another opportunity to blame republicans for something.

    Not everyone who votes for the left is for gay marriage. There are plenty of anti-gay democrats as well. Not all republicans are anti-gay. Think about it for two seconds and quit spewing your bullshit.


  7. Uh oh, politics or religion discussion? You’s asking for trouble.

    I would like to add on the story of Chris Farley since the kid from Peter Pan was mentioned. I personally found Chris Farley to be a role model until I learned about his crippling addiction to over eating, alcohol, and drug abuse. It was even more disheartening to learn that his last words were “Please don’t leave me” before he fell down for the last time. RIP Chris.

  8. Firstly, I want to say that I absolutely love you guys! Listening to your podcasts gives me entertainment enough to turn off the game systems/tv and go exercise (yay for an iPhone!).

    It’s because I love you guys so much, that I feel the need to speak up about something. I may be late commenting on this episode (and haven’t had time yet to listen to the most recent one), but I must say that the rant about being sick and tired of hearing about gay rights is actually incredibly insulting. I completely understand your opinion, and that you are not against gay marriage, but to hear that you’re so upset about a group of people trying to gain rights is rather hurtful. I understand that you live in a rather liberal environment, but not the entire country (or the entirety of your listening audience) do. In fact, I live with parents who are actively homophobic and truly feel that all gays should die. Perhaps next time the conversation ends up being brought up, try to end it in a slightly less rant-y and insulting way? Not everybody agrees on things, and sure, if you don’t feel affected by it, it may be rather annoying to hear about it all the time, but there are many people out there who do feel strongly affected by this. To feel as if our fight for equal rights only lives to be annoying (which, while not what you want to convey, is absolutely the way it comes off to some people), is incredibly demoralizing.

    I apologize that this comment is so serious, as normal I am an incredibly hilarious person, but this is a very serious topic to some people.

  9. I hope you do another version of this podcast. I’d love to hear you talk about Lovecraft and his uber racism (plus the name of his cat).

  10. Does anyone know how to download this (or any other episode) to your computer? Or, if anyone has this episode they can email to me. The reason is that I want to download it to my iPod so I can listen to it at work.

    Thanks a lot!!!

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