Answer six short questions = A super quick favor for your pals at Laser Time…

Sup, peoplez! While sometimes I feel like we’re constantly begging you guys for stuff, the reality is we really don’t ask for much. There’s the occasional “Spare a nickel?” or “Buy a shirt!” but that’s about it. Well, we really, really, REALLY need you guys help with something and it’s so absurdly easy and painless you’d have to be a real asshole to turn it down.

What we need from you:

And THAT’S IT! Answer six short questions and you’re done. This has to do with out hosting, show delivery and future podcast partners, so it means a pretty big deal to not only us personally, but the future of Laser Time and it’s sister shows. Seriously, we’d really appreciate it, plus we’ll keep hounding you guys until we get enough participants on the survey( roughly 250.) Okay, to add further incentive, leave a comment swearing – TO GOD! – that you took the survey. We’ll hook one of you up with a $20 Amazon Gift Card chosen at random.

Laser Time

161 thoughts on “HELP OUT LASER TIME!

    1. What’s odd about it? It’s pretty much a straight “What demographic are you?” questionnaire.

      Oh yeah, I filled this out, and I swear TO GOD I did.

  1. I SWEAR TO GOD I TOOK THIS SURVEY!! Just keep the shows coming! They make my rather dull weekly routine more interesting. It is often hard to explain to random strangers why I just burst into laughter when listening to you guys in public.

  2. I swear to Jeebus I completed the form.

    The survey could be a little confusing under the ‘education’ section for non-US residents- just a heads up.

  3. Completeo! i also notice this area doesn’t have comment restrictions like the other pages with a prize do… strange. Keep up the good work!

  4. Filled out, now you will know your demographic. That’s good because I seriously get a little miffed when you say kiddies.

  5. I swear to FSM I filled this thing out….is this some weird way to find out if your audience has any females included? Anyway, I wish I could donate money to you guys some other way besides paypal because I just don’t want to use paypal….Just a personal problem of mine, I don’t know.

  6. I swear to.. God that I took this survey, although usually when you have to swear you did something, you’re lying. So maybe I didn’t..

  7. I swear TO GOD it’s been done! that was fun, easy and painless ^^ Although why would they want to know my ethnicity kinda baffled me XD

  8. I took the survey! Man, was it a doozy! Six whole horribly long, confusing questions… Hardly worth my time.

    JK BROS! Anything to help my favoritest show on the interblags. Love you guys, please never ever stop. I’ve listened to you lot podcast since May 2008 (TalkRadar #1) and will listen as long as you keep on spouting nonsense to be listened to!

  9. I solemnly swear to God, Chris Antista, and all other Lasertime and affiliated podcasters that I took this survey and am probably the demographic that they have been targeting for years. Hopefully this helps get you guys funded so you can continue doing awesome podcasts. I especially feel that way because I am not wealthy enough to donate or even buy much from Amazon and kickback a tiny portion to the LT crew. Love all your content and hope you can continue to do this for as long as you like.

  10. Odd, that seemed like the first page of an average survey. Is there more in the future or is my low income as a 20’s male going to suffice?

  11. 2 pots of coffee, half a pack of smokes, and enough Taco Bell to chock a horse later, i finally completed this burdensome task. Screw your god, he has no place here and fuck you guys for reminding me of my failed marriage.
    PS I love you.

  12. Survey taken! I must admit, I’m curious about what this is for. Obviously, you’re doing some sort of demographics test, but I can’t really imagine what it’d be for other than changing your content to suit whatever your audience is, and honestly, I think a lot of us wouldn’t want that. Anyway, I trust you guys to keep doing what your awesome selves want to do, I just hope we eventually find out what this is all about 😛 Godspeed you magnificent ne’er do wells!

  13. I swear on Antista’s Vinylmation collection that I filled that survey up with answers. Also tweeted about it and will retweet anyone that even mentions the survey.

  14. I swear to God then kneel before Zod, I took the survey.

    Btw @Cantista, you are a fucking hooligan & hope you clean up your act!

  15. I swear to God and Uncle Scrooge that I have taken yonder survey! That was pretty simple and easy. You guys will get at least 250, I’m sure.

    1. depends on whether He is North Korean or South Korean, because under today’s political climate, the former will get you a song and a dance. the song will be ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,’ the entire original novel, chanted for forty-seven hours while everyone else calls you ‘mad’ and ‘a terrorist threat.’

      and i’m not sure about the dance.

  16. I swear to Gozer the Gozarian that I filled out your survey! She told me that she’s coming to your house tonight Chris SO WASH THAT ASS!!!!

  17. So now that you know I’m a single, white male with an Associate’s Degree, does it mean Laser Time’s cartoon talk will appeal even more to me? Because, I swear to god, there is not enough of a white man’s perspective on this show.

  18. Such a simple request for so much entertainment. I answered the questions and always appreciate the time you guys and gals give us!

  19. I swear upon the name of the Mighty Dark Lord Cthulhu that completed this harrowing survey. Also Raptor Jesus.

  20. I swear to GOD, Zeus, Shiva, and to The Macho Man himself that I took this survey. I am glad to provide any future advertisers on the lasertime network full access to the ears of this member of the early 20’s single white male demographic.

  21. I swear – TO GOD! – that I took that survey.
    I looked that cunt survey straight in its dead, pixelated eyes and I grabbed that fucker by the horns and ejaculated into his mouth with a previously unheard of efficiency. Damn straight I’m 20 and white. Household income? WHAT IS THAT!? Marital status? Sorry can’t hear you over the rushing wind as I leap down from an exploding velociraptor shaped zeppelin and stealing the car battery Jason Statham was chewing on.
    Love you guys
    All of you
    But me especially

  22. I swear to all the Gods that may or may not exist that I swear I did the survey. Swear. Swear is one of those words that looks and sounds really funny if you say it enough times.

  23. done.

    i’m worried we weren’t asked for a recent photo, but when can i expect my list of This Is The Laser Time Person You Are Going To Marry profiles?

  24. All I wanna know is what % of us are liberal, over 30, jobless and living in moms basement. And do those losers count their moms income into the survey 😛

  25. Surveyed.

    I keep fucking forgetting to donate/Amazon shop. I would absolutely set up an auto-pay for a few bucks a month somehow, not needing any “membership incentives” or similar.

    Just keep it going!

  26. i swear by god ive done the survey and everytime i take one as a 17 year old and i hate answering the part about your yearly income because actually i make 0$ which makes me feel shit poor.

  27. Wow, there are a ton of people who listened and took the survey. Good for us!

    That was totally painless. I’ll make up some ridiculous email addresses and take it again if it helps.

  28. Survey taken, gimme dat Gift Card. By the way [flames incoming], I don’t swear to God, but I can promise??

  29. I swear TO GOD that I completed this survey.

    I love all your guys shows, they’ve really stuck with me ever since I was a young listener of TalkRadar. Keep it up you guys, you’re the bomb.

  30. I’ll do better than swearing to god Antista, I swear to Arceus and Soap MacTavish that I just completed that survey! Freeman be praised!

  31. If you can prove that I didn’t take that survey (which I TOTALLY DID), I swear I will fly to Greece. Then, I will climb up Mount Olympus on foot and slap Zeus in the face with my dick! Because seriously, fuck Zeus; Thor is my thunder-god.

  32. I was expecting a more “How big is your junk” type survey since it is lasertime after all, and those type questions would seem appropriate…

  33. I double dog promise that I filled out this survey. I’ve been following you guys for years, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t.

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