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    Don’t stop!
    Now onto the podcast….

  2. okay whoa. I kid you not, i was just listening to Talkradar #130 and it has the same intro. I did a double take to see if I had loaded the wrong thing.

  3. Can’t wait to listen! I drive a delivery car for a stupid auto parts place (I hate cars, driving, and driving cars so it’s a great job for me!) but the plus side is I can use my phone freely.

    I text, check my phone, do all that shit that you aren’t technically supposed to do while driving because otherwise it’s boring as shit. I listen to every LaserTime show that way, and it makes the day go by that much smoother. So thanks, LaserTime Network, for being there to make my day less awful.

  4. An episode full of personal stories from the hosts, including Henry, who hardly ever talks about himself? This completely makes up for any missed episodes you guys have had lately. Seriously keep up the good work. It’s much appreciated!

  5. OH GAWD!
    BRETT! i had to talk on the phone with those toys r us security taskforce guys too! XD
    they wanted to know about this time when i got arrested for graffiti at high school once.
    and they were being SO overly intense.
    i was like… what? what is this?
    it was stupid.

  6. I know it was an older story, but I was hoping to hear Chris Antista’s “Where’s the rest of mah money!” pizza delivery story. Sure, it has already been told, but it was still a hilarious comedy of misunderstanding and the police.

  7. i made the mistake of watching that Dead Island youtube video, the other day. everyone looks so deliriously happy on BFF-ness, you’ve got to be the biggest poo to see that and not shed some manly tears for the Tdar days gone by, those glorious days when they were all together. Winter Isn’t Coming–Winter came a while ago, and one by one, people we cared about were picked off…is what you are thinking, bitterly. then, the latest Laser Time popped up in my updates, and it’s like when i wake up gasping & thrashing, drenched in cold sweat, only to pat myself down, check all appendages, and realise, with a sigh of deep relief, it was only a bad dream: it’s a sunny, warm Friday in San Francisco, and i’m about to meet up with my old friends to talk about Toys R Us, talking your way out of a ticket, and that one episode of The Simpsons…

  8. Yes new laser time right before I start a day’s worth of boring work. Excellent timing!

    Call the police, call the coroner, call up yo priest, have em warn ya, there won’t be no peace, when I find that fool

  9. Oh, maybe I should contribute my experience with the police. I’ve never been arrested but I’ve been pulled over 3 times *so hardcore*. Two of those times were because of inspection sticker troubles while my very first one came happened when I drove the wrong way on a one way street after a long night of partying at my university. I was under 21 so I didn’t drink any alcohol at the party, much to the dismay of the party goers. I made the first mistake of getting right out of my car once I pulled over since I had never been introduced to the protocol. I openly confessed there was liquor at the party which seemed to catch the policeman off guard with the open honesty. Truth be told, it was nearing dawn so I was a little worried that me being very tired could be construed as being drunk. After following their tests, I was given a ticket for simply having an expired license plate. I’m sorry this wasn’t as entertaining as Chris running for the hills and getting pepper sprayed.

  10. As soon as I saw the episode description, I thought “Whatever, mustache”. Whole episode was great.

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