Laser Time – Star Trek, Muppets and more [RERUN]


Life’s little foibles drive us to delve into the Laser Time Archives for this enhanced classic featuring a journey through Muppet history, plus an epic Star Trek vs. Marvel quiz!


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42 thoughts on “Laser Time – Star Trek, Muppets and more [RERUN]

  1. the concept of a podcast rerun is… odd and alien to me.
    i’m going to download it and listen out of curiosity, but i will state beforehand
    that if this is truly a rerun it makes no sense.
    podcast reruns would be me listening to the same episodes over and over again each week. (which I do)
    if this is a “directors cut” of an older podcast i suppose i get that, but it would be better if it was just given to us as “bonus material” not edited into a previous episode.
    that’s like colorizing old black and white films.
    it’s weird.
    ha ha

    but seriously, if the reason for this… “rerun” is because you guys weren’t able to record new content for the week, you’re not obligated to break your neck trying to get something out. all of us understand that all of you guys have day jobs. and while i’m sure most (if not all) of us would love it if the LTN was you guys’ full time job, we know it isn’t and sometimes has to take a back seat or hiatus’.

    so having said that, bonus material yes, reruns no.

  2. I would also prefer to just have new content separate from old. I’m a huge fan of you guys, but I already listen to shit-tons of podcasts and don’t normally re-listen to old shows…

    Not trying to be a critic, just providing feedback that you can hopefully use.

  3. Hey guys, we don’t mind waiting for new content. Don’t feel like you have to upload something every week if you’re busy.

    1. or Podcast of the year or super edition, gold edition, case chris, case 0, arcade edition, ultimate, limited edition, Bret hunter X, vol. 1 of phase 1, HD remix, DX, or with deleted scenes

    2. just finished listening, just call it lasertime classics, all you added was a forward and new bumpers, also not bad still enjoyed it even though its been one and a half years and i just saw the muppets movie, did you know they took the Jim Henson scene out of the dvd.

  4. I don’t have a problem with you guys doing this, I just wish I didn’t listen to that episode a few days ago… πŸ™

  5. But I already relisten to your podcasts constantly. Oh well. This is one of my favorite LaserTimes, after the McLaser (Irish) episode.

  6. As someone who tuned into the LTN very recently, I do appreciate things like Best Of episodes and even reruns. My best friend has been relating the podcast lore since way back when it was just TalkRadar, but experiencing the Norwegian King of Names for the first time on my own was awesome. I realize you guys are waist deep in continuity and its nice to be looped in every once and a while.

  7. The first time I heard this I hadn’t seen the Muppets. I’ve seen it since, along with Forgetting Sarah Marshal, and I really didn’t like either, or Jason Segal. The Muppets wasn’t about the Muppets, it was all about Segal and his stupid puppet. It’s the first post-Henson Muppet movie I’ve seen, and it makes me beleve there’s good reason not to watch any others. I grew up watching the Muppet Show on Sundays, either before or After Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, and I love Henson’s work, but Muppets without him are just crap.

  8. This is bullshit! How DARE you take a week off! I don’t care if you have legitimate reasons for doing it. And I certainly don’t care that you’ve provided me with somewhere around a hundred hours of free entertainment! I am OUTRAGED that you aren’t giving me what I’m owed!

    If this kind of crap happens again, I’ll be forced to take serious action against your sham of a podcast. I won’t stop listening or give you a bad review, but I’ll only Tweet about every OTHER episode! And I won’t come up with fun descriptions when I share all of the links on Facebook. And I’ll only buy BORING things on Amazon through the links on the page. Like organic granola. Or underwear. Or ANTI-ITCH LOTION! How does THAT shit sound?

    Oh wait, is this a rerun of the first Marvel vs. Star Trek quiz? With the discussion about The Muppets?! Shit, this is one of my favorite episodes! Never mind, you guys are fine in my book. Five stars!

  9. I love this episode. For newbies to the podcast like me, I greatly appreciate the repost of this episode to iTunes (since that’s how I get my lasertime goodness).

    Anyway, I know it is really really old, but I’m a bit surprised that you never covered any the straight-to-dvd releases (Cinderella, The Frog Prince, Muppet Classic Theater) because all of those fairy tale ones span the generations, with the former two being late 70s early 80s and the Muppet Classic being late 90s, when Muppets was dying.

    I am so glad someone has seen The Storyteller besides me! Some of those were pretty grimdark and I actually got scared when I was small.

    I agree with whomever said that Muppet Treasure Island was a little…forced, since that trope was exhausted with Muppet Christmas Carol with the characters being not-themselves. I seem to see everyone in two camps, either you love Christmas Carol or Treasure Island, but they’re almost exclusive in their fandoms.

    Cracking good episode.

  10. if you ever DO a Troy McClure episode I DEMAND that you mention my Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp costume from last Halloween.

  11. Chris, when are you going to do a wmac masters retrospect. Where are they now would make a great show. If you have not heard of it, google it asap. Saturday morning live action karate demo disgused as a martial arts soap opera. Susan luchi replaced by 360 roundhouse kicks for the win. love your network brotha, keep up the good fight.

  12. I normally don’t comment, but, holy shit, there are so many negative comments here I just have to.

    I really enjoyed re-listening to this ep. The majority of this show can be listened to over and over again, and still be great. You work hard on this, but you do have lives, too. Don’t kill yourselves over this podcast.

    Thanks for the hard work. Some of us are just glad you are still here. I can’t say it enough. Thank you.

  13. I know this is an ancient episode, and you’ll never see this comment. Thanks for keeping this podcast going for so many years. I listen to old episodes when I’m chilling at home. The rainbow connection outro gets me every time. The muppets are one of those things that I connected with my mom, and it touches my heart in a way that I simply can’t describe. Thanks so much for everything you do.

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