Vidjagame Apocalypse- Craptastic

In this week’s episode of Vidjagame Apocalypse we talk about shitty games we love. These games are simultaneously painful and so much fun.

Sorry about the wait, folks. The laptop we edit the show on is seriously fuuuuucked. We’re working on rectifying this.

Heads up guys, the cast is preeeeeetty drunk for most of the second half. So drunk we included a warning during the break. Whoops. Maybe next week we’ll be more sober. No promises.

Question of the Week

Because of some weird scheduling (it’s explained in the episode) we’re reusing last week’s Question of the Week.

Do you think it would affect your enjoyment of a game if the “damsel in distress” character is anything other than an attractive woman? What instances can you think of where you rescue an unattractive character or a male character who you had an actual emotional attachment to? Stopping bad guys from killing strangers isn’t enough.





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25 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse- Craptastic

  1. Love this podcast. Good to have Grimm back. If we’re reusing the QOTW, I guess I might as well reuse my response now as well:

    Good writing and narrative can succeed at making you care about any character, but attractive characters often succeed at getting players to care about them more quickly than unattractive ones, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with developers utilizing that. It would’ve taken me longer to warm up to Elizabeth if she looked like Rosie O’Donnell, just like it would’ve taken most women longer to warm up to John Marston if he looked like Danny DeVito. I’ve never really gotten the shame more mainstream gamers seem to have in general with admitting they like looking at attractive people. Hollywood has been taking advantage of this for decades, and games should be allowed to as well. If, for instance, a woman were to tell me she wouldn’t have enjoyed Titanic as much if Leonardo Dicaprio looked like a troll, I wouldn’t begrudge her or be offended at all. Being attracted more to certain people than others based on how they look is simply part of being a human being.


    Strong writing can succeed at making characters of any appearance likeable, but people tend to have a greater urge to get to know people they find attractive. To me, this is just part of being a human being, and I don’t have an issue with developers tapping into that to speed up an audience’s attachment to a game’s characters.

  2. You guys didn’t really have to put that drunk warning up, I honestly would not have noticed otherwise

    1. Yeah, I was disappointed by how tame it was following that warning!

      Great episode though, I approve wholeheartedly. *THUMB UP OF ENDORSEMENT*

  3. Well in Arkham City you’re just fighting to save Batman and I have an emotional connection with the Batman. Counts, yes?

    Also, haven’t listened yet, but my favorite bad game is KotOR 2. The story is broken enough to not make sense, but not broken enough that I can’t make up my own “fill in the blank” assumptions. And the final boss is three floating lightsabers. Cheap, brutal, and hard as anything. And awesome. KotOR 2 is where I go for my bad game fix.

    1. In fact, in parts of Arkham City you’re technically Catwoman fighting to save the Bat. Role reversal, anyone? No? Just me? K, thanks.

  4. C’mon Mikel, just admit that you came up with this week’s top 5 solely so you could bring up Jaws Unleashed yet again 😛

  5. Great episode, guys. And I have some suggestions for the VGA drinking game, which are as follows:
    Grimm is interrupted: drink
    Mikel chastises himself for a lame joke: drink
    Tyler or Grimm bring up PC gaming and are shouted down: drink until they are quiet
    Anne squirms because something sexual is mentioned: drink
    Joke, laughter, sigh, silence: drink
    “Bro” or derivation thereof is used: drink (not observed during Rad Bromance episode for safety reasons)
    Grimm uses a strange name in a joke (Morvis, Clevon, Dingus, etc.): drink
    Singing/harmonizing a weird tone: drink for duration song/note is sustained
    Anne mentions her inclination for virtual murder: drink
    Mikel says “theater”: drink
    “Fuck, we’re going long again”: finish your drink
    Mikel invents a new voice/character: drink
    Tyler delivers a serious opinion on the subject at hand: drink until he finishes
    Someone is Wikiparazed: finish your drink

    1. It breaks a part of my soul to hear Grimm interrupted but I’ll be having to drink quite a lot with these rules.

  6. One night at college, my friend got so mad losing to me in a game of Halo 1 multiplayer that he punched a brick wall and broke his pinky. The night that he got his cast off we celebrated by drinking and playing video games. I popped in Halo and jokingly said, “Who am I going to put in the E.R next?” After a few games, the same friend got frustrated and slammed his hand on his controller re-braking the same pinky. We stopped letting him play Halo with us.

  7. I don’t think the “damsel in distress” has to be a girl for me to care about the character. Now, maybe that’s just because I’m gay and therefore not attracted to women, but I don’t think the “damsel in distress” should be an issue of gender, it should be an issue of whether or not the character is well written or developed enough for me to care about them. Honestly, a boring character is nothing more than a boring character, but if a character is well developed, putting them in danger should make the player care, regardless of gender. Maybe the issue isn’t gender, maybe we just need better writers in the games industry.

    TL;DR I’m gay; writers who focus on gender suck

  8. 1. Is Anne Lewis disgusted with the idea that 50 Cents procreated?

    2. That wasn’t as drunk as I had hoped you guys would be.

    3. Thanks for alleviating the sighs.

    4. I don’t blame you for hiding your Steam names. The internet is a scary place.

  9. Tyler, those kids at the beginning of Black Ops 2 didn’t even die in that fire, if you spent half the time you were complaining on how “gross” it is on paying attention maybe you would have caught that considering how major a plot point that is.
    I understand people don’t like Call of Duty, but Black Ops 2 did a lot of neat things that people just dismiss because it’s Call of Duty.

  10. I think the “damsel in distress” trope is definitely done to death — and that’s across media. But I don’t think it negatively impacts my connection to or sense of urgency in a game when that’s changed. Just off the top of my head, the new XCOM periodically has you rescuing civilian hostages or extracting key scientists (of both sexes).

    As a commenter above pointed out, good writing is key. Good writing means you don’t need to resort to well-worn idioms and motifs in order to create a compelling experience.

  11. Hey guys. Haven’t listened to the episode yet but I’m going to make a rare appearance and comment on this while I still have time. I’ve been listening to chris, and brett and the guys ever since talkradar #2. In fact I went through all my teen years listening to the show and I am now 18 and have gotten into some “different” shit since I’ve started listening. Hardcore punk, racial equality stupid drugs, veganism and gender equality. This question raises a good point that I have thought about on my own various times. In my personal opinion I think that the need to help the character is less dependent on the sex and more dependent on if they do a good job of convincing me they need help. There have been multiple characters (wow is that word getting old) that are females that I simply can’t stand and feel no need to protect because I don’t care. Such as what’s her face from hitman absolution. Other characters I am forced to “rescue” but may as well be retrieving a piece of cardboard from the enemy. Not because women are objects mind you, but because I am more interested in what it is I have to do to get to that point rather then actually get there and save anyone. Princess Peach is a good example. She could eat shit for all I care. Sometimes characters come across as pathetic but I still feel caught between the want to murder then terribly or shelter them from their own bad choices. (that one teenager from the walking dead game idk i forgot his name)
    it depends if theyre annoying or not

  12. For me, I don’t think the CoD stories are always complete nonsense. Black Ops 1 was a campaign that I really liked, and I felt like it was a really dark look at how soldiers are used as puppets by governments, and the ridiculousness and horrors of war. The series is not particularly, but I don’t think any of those games are entirely messageless, and it’s written pretty well at some points.

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