Cape Crisis #50 – Low expectations


We’ve hit a landmark, and we’re feeling a little proud about it in this special four man cast. We talk Superior Spider-Men, Injustices, a lack of Ultron, and have our second quiz in as many weeks! Celebrate good times, come on…


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Cape Crisis #50 Question: Whats your favorite Cape Crisis memory from the first 50 shows?

34 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #50 – Low expectations

      1. Kehehehe… I get so much sadistic joy in seeing all you US people suffering and fretting when you get a movie after everyone else does >:3 Considering most movies arrive in your country before everyone else, I say it’s only fair! ^^

        Anyway, dickishness aside, hope you enjoy the movie tonight, a pretty damn good time it was (:

        1. Yeah, the mere fact that you guys had whole podcasts about Wreck-It Ralph and The Muppets a good 4-5 months before us guys in the UK (who speak the same f***ing language!!) could see it makes this few day wait for Avengers and Iron Man 3 all the more unacceptable to hear Henry complain about it and spoilers. So a little bit of face-rubbing is utterly justified in my opinion. πŸ˜€

  1. please, pepper some Other cartoons, as well…? japanese, french, korean, whatever. that time when Henry mentioned 20th Century Boy, i was very pleased. this being ‘Cape Crisis,’ i know the podcasts are about caped crusaders, but i’d also argue that ’20th Century Boy’–and ’21st Century Boy’–is about normal people eventually placed under extraordinary circumstances, to arise as true heroes. all Naoki Urasawa manga heavily feature heroic themes like valour, success, moral behaviour, moral concepts (justice, virtue, duty), revenge, social mores, and base human motivation; in fact, cartoons are a popular medium for expressing these ideas, regardless of culture.

    this week, ive started reading ‘I am a Hero’ by Kengo Hanazawa, which is ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Thing’ by way of Japan. highly recommended: four severed heads out of five.

  2. Happy 50th guys. I think my favorite memories are when Chris derails the podcast to talk about something that is clearly making Hank uncomfortable

  3. Wtf Antista. The Warriors came out in the 70’s, not the 80’s. You should know better.

    Keep up the good work guys (and occasional gal). Looking forward to another 50.

  4. I’d love to fight Grimm in any fight game, namely Street Fighter x Tekken, although I don’t even know if he cares about that game.

  5. I want a lasertime fighting game. It would be interesting having all you guys as special characters and Grimm would be over powered.

  6. Happy 50th guys keep them coming. This show is the reason I got into comics and I hope to hear many more recommendations from you guys.

  7. Ohh I can’t wait to tweet about this!

    Congrats on the 50th, it’s been tons of fun and Henry has really come into his own as a host.

  8. batman musical episode. so terrible.
    “wait till they get a load of me”. good grief.

    congrats on the show’s success. I don’t read comics often, but I feel like I do because I listen to u guys every week

  9. An excellent episode to celebrate the 50th show. My favorite memory of Cape Crises so far has to be an episode I recently discovered, the show about the Batman musical. As terrible as the songs are, I’ve listened to it about 4 times now. Hell, I’m listening to it as I type this.

  10. Wow, 50. It seems like only yesterday that Cape Crisis was first starting up, and Chris didn’t know his Moon Knights from his Annihilators. Keep up the good work, Henry.

  11. Henry when are you going to talk about Brian Pohsains the last christmas comic run. Heard it was green lit for a movie adaptation.

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